Waiting for Picard

January 17 2019

We’re a week away before Picard will make its entrance and a couple of things could happen from it.

First things first, readers who like Picard and/or Discovery should respect those who don’t and those who don’t like Picard and/or Discovery should respect those who do like to watch it, they are TV shows and people should be able to enjoy them or pass on them in respectful peace.

Axanar could get a fundraising boost from those dissatisfied with CBS and their handling of Discovery and Picard and they would feel that Axanar would be serving their needs and will give them money to carry that need out.

The alternative is that the fact there will be two Star Trek shows on air this year and that means that interest in Axanar’s fundraising efforts will wane as fans thirst for Star Trek is quenched by the two shows.

Star Trek fans now live in a different world compared to five years ago, back then there were no fresh running Star Trek TV shows on air for another two years and Star Trek Beyond was still a year away from cinema screens.

Axanar, Farragut, Continues, Intrepid and so many more productions filled in a big gap in fans hunger for 40 minutes or so of Star Trek action on a regular basis even if the acting wasn’t top notch, the need was still filled.

People still watch fan productions for a variety of reasons but they aren’t running wildly to GoFundMe, Indiegogo etc to help throw tens of thousands of dollars at each one like they used to a few short years ago, only a few get that kind of money.

So in a week we’ll find out if Star Trek fans will be satisfied by Picard or there will be mass complaints and perhaps some fan productions will benefit from it especially on the money front.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Picard

  1. The trailers for Star Trek Picard look really good. Looking forward to this one, hopefully a Pike one will follow as well.


    1. Picard will turn out to be fine.

      People just spend too much time picking through shows looking for messages.

      Besides those who are leading the Anti-Discovery or Picard choir are just doing it to rake in the money from their fans and YouTube views.


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