Phase One soon to be over?

January 26 2019

Phase One of Axanar’s fundraising may be completed sooner rather than later as a donor is matching donations made by others.

This plan actually worked with Interlude as it went from rolling along slowly to rapidly passing its donation total when they had donors matching donors amounts.

Fan Film Factor’s report also explains why Axanar suddenly asked for $10,000 less than what they were looking for.

“lowered from $60K to $50K because $10K was actually bridge set construction, and that’s an Ares Studios asset and therefore can be crowd-funded separately and publicly.”

It is a risky game spending money and hoping that people would square up whatever costs you run up.

There’s also no accountability for example the fundraiser went from $70,000 to $60,000 to $50,000 and rarely any project ends on an exact amount like $50,000.00.

Basically what people do when they make these sort of projects is hoping their project is popular enough to recoup their money and are also hoping that you trust them to be having your money and the money of others.

Meanwhile the report got the attention of AxaMonitor’s FB group but the attention was on who wrote the story on FFF than what was in it that report, squabbling erupted which led to the deletion of the topic which breaks the rules and a muting was handed out.

The Real Truth About Axanar had at least one topic deleted in the last week which pushed the last post back to October last year but there are two new ones for those who visit there to enjoy.

Perk owners who are waiting to receive their perks from Axanar are being asked to give them money for shipping costs despite having already done when they had purchased the perks.

Axanar now has a new video series called Axanar After Dark though only five of the videos appear, the missing three do not appear on Ares Studios account.

Videos from Axacon were also released, Axacon was a convention that was run last year but it was not a convention in the conventional sense as there were no convention attendees just panels with cast and crew.

So that’s some of the latest happenings going in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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