Did CBS bankrupt Axanar?

April 29 2020

Did CBS bankrupt or ‘almost bankrupted’ Axanar?

The story around the internet is that CBS and its lawsuit bankrupted or almost bankrupted Axanar when the corporation rightfully fought to preserve its copyrights against a production company that was trying to make an independent version of the franchise.

Bankrupt or almost bankrupted is said because there are two different stories going around, the LA fundraiser says ‘But the problem was the lawsuit still bankrupted Axanar.‘ and a recent report said ‘And since CBS almost bankrupted us (and me)

The facts are that Axanar was always going to need more money than what it had at the time of the lawsuit, those who worked on the project have said that they were running low on cash and that money was never going to be enough to get the production to the finish line.

When the lawsuit came, CBS just made the flow of money from fans to production pockets cease during that time and that low amount of money ran out before the two parties came to a settlement.

Fan’s money has always been supplying most of the power to keep the wheels of Axanar Productions and Ares Studios turning.

Axanar is doing pretty well for itself in the present day as they’ve got the Ares Studios store, they’ve got multiple YouTube shows running every day, they’ve got the LA Fundraiser and they’ve got Patreon in which fans currently pay 65.72% of the bills for the studio every month.

Maybe the comments about CBS bankrupting or almost bankrupting Axanar is to make people who hate corporations remember that CBS were mean, nasty people defending their property and that makes people hand over their cash, to strike a blow for the little guy.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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