Anyone know what Real Star Trek is?

What is Real Star Trek?

It is a question that I have wondered about for years as I keep seeing it around forums and YouTube video comments and it goes on and on and so I have to think about it some more.

What is the criteria for every Star Trek series and movie to get absolutely certain fan satisfaction?

There are many complaints about how Star Trek isn’t made up to the standards of certain fans have but what do the certain fans do about it?

Do they go into Film and Television and write for Star Trek? No.

It is easier to complain about something than doing something about the problem.

Most don’t even give a structured plan on what they think should be done, they instead start using words like SJW, Mary Sue, Left Wing, Right Wing, Anti-Trump etc which isn’t really helpful.

They don’t tell people what a series should have, whats the setting, the tone, the length etc.

Even if they did write for Star Trek, there is no way that everyone is going to like because that is Democracy at its finest, everyone is not required to like what is released.

If you want to be serious about the definition of Real Star Trek then it is what CBS and Paramount put on the TV and cinema screens.

That does not include fan productions no matter how much the same people scream that it is better than what is on TV, they are not on TV and will never be on TV and that is the end of that.

The shows and movies are never going to get it 100% right, there are episodes of all seven series that are head spinners and some of the movies have made mistakes but you never know how a show or movie is going to go until it airs.

Thousands of people work hard to try and please you, remember that before going on your next diatribe.

What do you think is Real Star Trek?


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