MTM Wrap (2/9/20)

September 2 2020

Viewers of Axanar After Dark (aka Trek After Dark) #106 heard how Alec Peters has four lawsuits lined up with Paul Jenkins, Robert Meyer Burnett and ex Propworx and Federal Coffee House employees targeted.

The RMB situation is nothing new, this has been talked about ever since published a story about the lawsuit plan and how it got to that stage, it has moved no further since then and that was 445 days ago.

A new Kickstarter is being planned for Ares Studios and involves the seemingly very popular MSD posters of the USS Ares etc, this will be Kickstarter No. 3 from Ares Studios.

Don’t forget to never mention kids or family members of those involved in the whole Axanar saga when talking online, there were some crossings of the line over at AxaMonitor’s FB group and it has been apologised for, what exactly happened is unknown as it wasn’t personally seen just the aftermath.

We (MTM) are considered to be “so last year” but that’s alright considering that many people want 2019 back after all that has happened this year.

Some fans are wondering why the Axanar Shoot fundraiser is barely getting any money yet the Ares Studios kickstarters are doing a roaring trade, perhaps people want something now instead of waiting awhile for the item they’ve donated for.

Trekzone is now streaming game action from some of the many Star Trek games that have been published through time, first up was Away Team which was a great game back in the 00’s (still is) and copies can be brought on eBay, gaming used to be so simple back then.

We were so inspired by the stream that Borg Nukem was played for the first time since the early 00’s and it is still an impressive Duke Nukem Total Conversion, if only DukeTrek was still around as it had action aboard the 1701-D and was a short but good classic TC.

That’s some of the action that happened in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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