Axanar does tests

August 30 2020

It looks like Axanar is gearing up to start shooting again as a test was carried out on a new camera that Geoff Faigen has.

The current plan is an Atlanta shoot (just outside Atlanta) and an Los Angeles shoot to wrap up the short movie that is probably more an epic off screen than on it.

One thing the tests have proven is that Ares Studios location is terrible for mobile phone data usage as streaming a report from a phone has shown terrible quality, so much that it would of been better to record a message and upload it.

Axanar’s fundraiser hasn’t really been moving forward, they had hoped that raising $10,000 would be done in a month or so but they’ve struggled to get through the $23,000 range since around the first week of July.

$21,430 on June 1
$21,530 on June 9
$21,625 on June 16
$21,850 on June 23
$21,935 on June 30
$23,270 on July 9
$23,305 on July 16
$23,560 on July 23
$23,560 on July 30
$23,610 on August 6
$23,610 on August 13
$23,720 on August 20
$23,720 on August 27

Axanar Productions and Ares Studios are able to easily raise money for puppies or by selling display pictures but the money for the latter can only go to Ares Studios and puppies goes elsewhere.

Axanar isn’t the big seller it used to be, the world has changed, we’ve got Picard, Discovery and Lower Decks now on streaming services around the world and Discovery will be on CBS for a run and most people’s Star Trek needs are filled.

Alec Peters may have to dip into his own pockets to pay for his fan film and then he may have to dip into his pockets again when the Orville fan film is made after Axanar assuming Disney doesn’t object to it.

If Orville is over and out, its public interest will drop because it simply isn’t a Star Trek, Star Wars or Firefly so by the time they start a fan film, there may not be a whole lot of interest going around.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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