MTM Wrap (15/9/20)

September 15 2020

First Frontier the fan film that bills itself as an Independent Star Trek film was released and it has grabbed over 400,000 views with the fan film getting a mix of high praise and criticism mostly about the issue with sound not being loud enough for the dialogue.

ViacomCBS has not acted on First Frontier so far so either they don’t care about its existence or they are going through their options.

First Frontier believes that since they started production before the guidelines, they should be safe from any problems though we will see what happens.

Axanar’s fundraiser has moved a week after raising nothing, it has rebounded with the donation total moving $1000, this takes it up to $24,755, Ares Studios fundraisers are doing much better as their Kickstarter targets are being reached.

Matt Miller continues to play through Star Trek Away Team and today Trekzone released the fifth video of the series, this time the action is showing the rescue of Ambassador Worf, don’t forget you can buy copies of Away Team on eBay for about $10 to $15.

A lot of time this week across topics online has gone into seeing who made what in the fan film world, Alec Peters says Carlos Pedraza has not made anything so let’s see if that is true, this is all based off IMDb and you can click on the links below to see the exact same details as I have (hopefully none are missed).

Alec Peters
Line Producer (x1)
Executive Producer (x2)
Contributing Producer (x1)
Consulting Producer (x1)
Producer (x1)
Screenplay (x1)
Story (x2)
Costume designer (x1)

Carlos Pedraza
Writer (x1)
Written By (x1)
Story Editor (x1)
Story By (x9)
Teleplay (x7)
Teleplay by (x6)
Some Story Elements (x3)
Story Concept (x3)
Script Supervisor (x2)
Co-Executive Producer (x1)
Producer (x6)
Director (2x plus done parts on New Voyages)
First Assistant Director (x1)
Assistant Director (x1)
Boom Operator (x1)

The definition of made appears to be who producing and the answer is Carlos Pedraza and Carlos has worn more hats on fan films than Alec.

Carlos was Co-Executive Producer on the episode “World Enough and Time” that was nominated for a Hugo Award and Wikipedia’s report on the episode also states “Cawley asked his friend Carlos Pedraza to complete the episode uncredited.”

The episode was nominated for a Nebula Award for Best Script and nominated for a SyFy Portal Award for Best Web Production.

That is just some of what is going on in the Star Trek world at the moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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