Star Trek Games

September 17 2020

Watching Trekzone’s broadcasts of Star Trek video games has made me remember about all the games I have played over time.

So I am writing a paragraph or less each about the games I remember playing and as the list gone on, it is more and more surprising that so many games were made yet quality was a bit of an issue for awhile.

EGA Trek was a fun little game from 1990 can still be played using DOSBox, you guide the Enterprise by commands such as m to move and you type in say 6-4 1-1 to go to a system to destroy Klingons, if things are really desperate you can use a death ray which will either work or fail, my crew was once mutated.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites were great games, they took great care in giving gamers the TOS experience and I got to play these in around 2001 and it was really cruel if you missed your assigned destination by one star system as it meant you’d be swarmed by enemy ships.

Star Trek TNG Echoes From The Past is a great game to play on the Sega Mega Drive II (aka Genesis) though I wish my brother didn’t lose my North American friendly system so I could play it again.

Star Trek TNG A Final Unity is a game I first saw at a Star Trek exhibition and got the demo for free, years later I got to play the game and it had met my expectations as it looked pretty good for 1995 standards.

Starfleet Academy was the first game I saw that had so many discs and of course I had to get the expansion, remember the days expansions came via a new disc? even the days of patches on the internet were relatively new.

Klingon Academy was interesting because instead of being Starfleet, we were now Klingons and we had to defeat Starfleet, if I remember right the game controls were a little sluggish in response time and they had to fix that.

Birth of the Federation was a good game, one I never got to the end of the game as races were very hostile to my Federation and I could never build enough Starships to push them back.

Borg Nukem was a great Duke Nukem Total Conversion although it was short and the phaser rifle wall marks were still shotgun holes, it was still a pretty good conversion despite the limitations of the BUILD engine.

DukeTrek was another Total Conversion and the Enterprise-D bridge looked great for 90’s gaming and so did the phaser art.

Starfleet Command got me through Year 10 and 11 and it provided hours of entertainment and it still does entertain gamers.

New Worlds was a good game, a bit like Command and Conquer though its flaws such as a lack of in game save really diminished the experience however the game was unofficially upgraded and fixed that one big problem.

Elite Force 1 was spectacular when I was in High School, my grades probably suffered because I played a lot of the game but I wasn’t aiming for University so lower grades for more personal enjoyment was a good trade off.

Armada I and II are games that were so loved by gamers and I wish I had a copy of Armada still around so I could play and the hours would just go by so quickly, so much fun to play and you could use a great variety of ships.

Elite Force II was different in style to the first one but that’s what made it interesting instead of copy and paste EF1 and just stick the main character on another Starship, your choices between missions set how the game would end.

Star Trek Bridge Commander was fantastic, it is nice to be commanding a ship from the bridge and get your crew to do what you need but you do wish you could go out and about on your Starship.

Star Trek Tactical Assault wasn’t a bad game for the Nintendo DS, it was also available on the PSP so there was some choice on what handheld you wanted to use.

Star Trek was a game set for the recent movies and it was a great disappointment because it felt like a game they just pushed out so it could get sales instead of taking the time to get it right at the time Star Trek needed a hit.

Star Trek Online isn’t a bad game and it has lasted well over the last decade, I couldn’t wait to purchase it when it was released though the t-shirt they gave me was way too big in size.

Star Trek Bridge Crew is hard to judge as I didn’t have much use for it since I don’t have a VR system or know people who have the game but single player wasn’t bad once I figured out how to quickly go from station to station to make things happen.

Yep there are so many Star Trek games out there and when you think of fan made games the list is way longer and I’ve probably forgotten some games that I have played long ago especially around 2000-2004 when I really was into gaming.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Games

  1. I only recall playing a couple of Trek games over the years. Reviews I read were generally negative, which would put me off, and the two I did play probably deserve poor reviews too. Starfleet Academy on the SNES was not a great game although it was fun choosing which era of Trek you wanted your bridge to resemble. Equally, Star Trek Invasion on the PS1 played really poorly but made up for it aesthetically, really accurate Federation computer interfaces, and the soundtrack was pretty in keeping with late 90s Trek. It also featured Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn so big props for that.


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