MTM Wrap (31/1/21)

January 31 2021

As the first month of the year draws to a close, the slumber of Axanar and the “Detractors” appears to be over.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has been largely quiet but has come alive in recent days as Axanar has been getting into gear for 2021.

Axanar T-shirts long promised to donors are going to be shipped out though there is a catch, shipping has to be paid again despite donors paying for it years ago but to compensate for this patches will be sent out with the shirts.

Axanar’s YouTube Channel has passed 100,000 subscribers, this should mean that an award will be coming from YouTube so expect something coming soon.

Interlude has still not been released though the Axanar FB page recently re-uploaded the first trailer from the fan film, Interlude now has plenty of space if it wants to avoid clashing with other fan films.

Interesting was the words “A Star Trek Fan Production / Axanar Universe” on one part of the video, it indicates that Axanar is its own thing and a Star Trek fan production at the same time.

Fan Productions and Universes are not an uncommon thing, Avalon has its own universe with its own designs so it doesn’t follow the template of the original Star Trek by the book but has technological changes etc.

Axanar’s universe is set up in a way that it is a franchise within a franchise, they’ve got an outside store (same owner) selling its Star Trek based goods, they’ve got the sequel to Prelude to Axanar nearing completion, they’ve got spinoffs in the pipeline and their channel is hosting other fan films.

It will be interesting to know if Squadron is set to monetization and if it is, who gets it and should they? Does Squadron pay Axanar a fee to have their fan film on the Axanar channel? Is Axanar just being generous by allowing access to over 100,000 subscribers which is way more than any current fan film going around?

$11,865 is the current total pledged for “LORDS OF THEIR REALM: The Rise of the Toxic Über-Fan and The Battle for Axanar.” aka The Battle for Axanar, a new poll on AxaMonitor’s FB group may be related to this production.

Ares Studios Patreon is at $2,250.47 of its stated $4,000 goal, this number will drop as the new month comes in before rebounding back into position assuming nobody changes their donation.

That is some of the action happening at the moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “MTM Wrap (31/1/21)

  1. Do you know if Ares Digital is still the means for funding the Axanar shorts? I may simply be missing things these days, but this platform seems to have dropped out of the Axanar narrative. If Ares Digital is off-line or no longer works after the dustup with a former Director, do you think the short films can be finished in some other fashion? My impression watching at a distance is that the shorts have died and Interlude will be the conclusion to Prelude.


    1. Ares Digital is still being promoted on the video links to Axanar posts but the site funding counter is broken, video and the descriptions are old, it could merely be from a lack of attention.

      There’s also been a decrease of Axanar Confidential and other shows in the last couple of months so the whip isn’t being cracked as often as it did compared to this time last year.

      I think Axanar will get a financial boost from Interlude when it finally gets out of the gate, those who hate Discovery and Picard will flock to Axanar and throw their money around and who knows what will happen after that.


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