MTM Wrap (1/3/21)

March 1 2021

Squadron was released on Axanar’s YouTube Channel and it has done pretty well but not to the extent of a production like First Frontier, Squadron currently has just over 28,000 views whilst First Frontier after five months has 1.5 million views.

YouTube now has a membership option and Axanar is going to have memberships which allow people to watch things like Axanar Confidential, memberships start at just under three Australian dollars, it is unknown if this monetization on the Axanar channel is breaking any settlement agreements.

People are still waiting for more of the Trollhunter group logs, the release of more material has been delayed for a couple of months now, AxaMonitor of course is not a business so it is reasonable that life can get busy and delay such activities.

AxaMonitor’s “Top 10 Stories of 2020” should be interesting when it is eventually released, 2020 may of looked quiet when you think about COVID restrictions but there was still some action such as Paul Jenkins and Gary Graham leaving Axanar and a couple of lawsuits etc.

Axanar is still planning on doing their two hour audio drama based on the full length movie script, details are limited at this stage with the only news being that the idea exists though past versions of the Axanar script have been leaked and were panned.

Fan Film makers and fans are getting more confident that ViacomCBS doesn’t actually care about the guidelines, they cite several breaches of the guidelines and the lack of interest by ViacomCBS in making sure productions stay in the guidelines as evidence that ViacomCBS just doesn’t care anymore.

Ares Studios released another Kickstarter and it quickly reached its goal of $3000 and is currently sitting on $4,292, the Kickstarters always hit their targets with fans eager to buy pictures of Starship schematics and other items.

The Axanar channel recently released a video of Prelude to Axanar’s VFX, this video has received a couple of thousand views and most comments are about how much better it is compared to anything ViacomCBS releases.

Ares Studios Patreon has taken a loss with the $4000 goal going from 53% funded to 41% funded in the space of just over two weeks though the amount of donors appears to be steady, further fluctuations will occur as it is the start of a new month but it will steady as payments are made.

There appears to be movement regarding Lords of Their Realm (Battle for Axanar) as information is currently being gathered for the documentary series, this documentary series will have Paul Jenkins, Robert Meyer Burnett and Christian Gossett together.

That’s just some of the action going on in the Axanar world, the action always rises and falls but it is always there.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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