Interlude is coming

April 2 2021

Interlude will be released at last, the sequel to Prelude to Axanar is coming out on April 5 2021 and it is a sequel because the action takes place right where Prelude ended.

Some will wonder why “Detractors” haven’t given Interlude a whole lot of attention, it is because that Interlude was not directly run by Alec Peters, sure he was in the background and had a lot to say about things but it was Jonathan Lane’s show.

Secondly, Jonathan has a lot invested in fan films and if Interlude was a disaster to make, he would of looked like a Turkey so he had to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Thirdly, it was funded pretty smoothly, sure it had help from Axanar’s social media pull to rake in money but it wasn’t an endless series of money appeals to rake in dollar after dollar, there were a few appeals but those were in the early days of production.

Fourthly, production went smoothly, there was no switching of directors or cast and crew and there were no egos on display, it was just a bunch of experienced people who got the job done.

Post Production was a disaster with months of delays but these things happen but maybe it will be a Titanic situation, Titanic was delayed for months and then it was finally released and was #1 for a long time.

How will it look? Well for the money that was spent on Interlude it will look good but it will probably have lower acting quality than Axanar as Axanar has the flexibility of using a couple of professionals but it will serve Axanar well.

The release of Interlude will bring Axanar new interest and it will bring in more money for Axanar and/or Ares Studios to use in the future, no doubt about it.

Interlude will get the expected comments that is better than anything that ViacomCBS has released regarding Star Trek so it will be hard to gauge how honest the viewing public is but it will definitely get a lot of views.

Interlude will premiere on Axanar Confidential but I would wait until it is a standalone video because watching it on a video in a video never seems to work properly for Axanar.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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