MTM Wrap (28/3/21)

March 28 2021

There was a period of inactivity across the land since the end of January before it came back to life in recent weeks.

Ares Studio now sells replicas of the Space Force patches, the actual Space Force that the United States has, if you can all but completely copy something from a team in El Paso, why not copy something that belongs to the Government?

Axanar Confidential has restarted after being off YouTube for a couple of months.

Apparently the bigger the t-shirt you have, the more it costs to send in the mail, sounds unlikely but we would always spend a few bucks and send out two shirts of different sizes and compare the price.

Fans are still thinking that ViacomCBS should hire the Axanar team but which team are they specifically asking for? Are they asking for the Prelude to Axanar team? The Robert Meyer Burnett team? The Paul Jenkins team or the Ted Brunetti team? Perhaps they are asking for Alec Peters only?

If they’re asking for the first three teams, a chunk of those teams are gone including the trio of Gossett, Burnett and Jenkins and the last team is in an unknown state at the moment.

Axanar posted about Warhammer selecting fans to do work with the company twice in six days, they originally posted about it in December 2018, Axanar says the following

Games Workshop, makers of Warhammer, shows how to treat fan producers by hiring 4 fan film makers to join their team. A shame CBS couldn’t realize how powerful embracing your fans this way could be.

The Ares Digital fundraiser counter is still broken, perhaps the fundraising effort has either been completed, abandoned or they just don’t want people to know how much money is coming in.

Ares Studios Patreon seems to be sitting on around 41% funded, with the only filming going on there being Perk Fulfillment videos and the occasional vlog perhaps people feel it is not worth paying the rent for the building.

Ares Studios Store is filled with a lot of items, the total is closing in on dozen pages and added to the store is the latest Kickstarter items.

Jonathan Lane explained to his readers the troubles he is having with his fan film Interlude, the filming is done but it is the post production that is the trouble, some may say that despite those issues he has gotten further than main production.

Meanwhile, Christian Gossett continues to work with Lex & Otis and he just started working on his third Netflix show, it’s always nice to be wanted and Christian is wanted for his work.

Carlos Pedraza has been largely quiet these last few months, that’s because he is doing some teaching and that is taking up his time.

The topic of Vic Mignogna and what he did and what he did not do and who supports him has flared up again, This all occurred when Vic was announced as a guest at a convention and it caused an uproar and Alec Peters said the following “The Axanar haters embraced Vic. So typical. Their hypocrisy is staggering.”

The majority of “Axanar Haters” did not embrace Vic in fact they did the opposite, it should also be noted that Alec Peters once told a story about Vic bashing Axanar and then the Sexual Misconduct allegations came out and Alec said “Karma is a B*tch”.

What happened between Vic and the women did not happen just so a guy could get personal satisfaction because his fan film was bashed by Vic.

Later on an AxaMonitor member asked for some advice regarding Vic and it apparently got really crazy and the topic was deleted against AxaMonitor rules so we didn’t get to see what transpired.

AxaMonitor is likely to be having more admins in the future as sometimes there is flare ups that are left unchecked as the current admins are busy with their lives and have no time to do what they need to do.

That’s just some of what is going on in around the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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