Interlude does reshoots

April 12 2021

Interlude has had some reshoots done as the Paul Jenkins scene is being removed and replaced with a new actor in the position.

As everyone knows, Alec Peters and Paul Jenkins have been at odds since the middle of last year and are in legal combat since Paul left Axanar/was fired from Axanar.

Logic would suggest that Paul’s scene should of been removed long ago as Interlude is billed as the sequel of Prelude to Axanar, it was largely filmed at Ares Studios and it starred Alec Peters.

It is claimed by Axanar (why not by Jonathan Lane?) that Paul Jenkins made a last minute request for his scene to be cut forcing Interlude to air on Avalon, there is no way to prove or disprove Axanar’s claim that it was all last minute because Paul Jenkins has stayed publicly silent on the issue.

It is entirely possible that since the breakdown of relations between Alec and Paul that Paul made a private request to Jonathan Lane to cut it way before the ‘last minute’ and the last minute public request served to make it absolutely clear that the request was no joke.

As Paul won’t say anything publicly, Axanar is free to say whatever they want without it being challenged by anyone.

The benefit of this reshoot is that Interlude can now leave Avalon Universe channel and be placed on the Axanar channel which can reach more people and of course give Axanar benefits as well in particular as they continue to try and drum up finances.

It will be interesting to see if ViacomCBS would take an interest in Interlude moving to Axanar’s channel and being classify it as a sequel no matter who produced it, they’ll probably do nothing as they haven’t acted on Axanar for some time now.

Axanar’s announcement is curious as Axanar is meant to have no ties to Interlude, the post should of been only on Ares Studios because that’s where the filming had taken place.

Until next time, be good to each other.

UPDATE: Within an hour of writing this, the post was taken down but a screenshot was taken of it and posted on AxaMonitor and you can see it for yourself below.


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