MTM Wrap (19/4/21)

April 19 2021

AxaMonitor’s FB group learned an important lesson last week and that is that sexism has to be shut down quickly and decisively.

Any racism or sexism on any forum are worth an instant ban, people should know by now that both of those are unacceptable in this day and age no matter where you are.

Name calling also doesn’t work, I know everyone likes to give each other some not so nice nicknames because it makes them feel all good inside but it just doesn’t do anybody any good, just use facts to make your points.

Time will tell if sexist comments go by unchecked into the future, it shouldn’t because of all the lessons that have been learned from everything over the last week.

Paul Jenkins is the new spokesman for Oral B according to Interlude.

Viewers of Interlude for the moment will notice something different about the film, Paul Jenkins’ face has been blurred out of the scenes that he is currently in.

As some of you know, Paul Jenkins and Alec Peters have been in a fight for some time now, the story going around is that Paul Jenkins waited several months before making a last minute request for his footage to be cut, we don’t know if that is actually true because only one side is talking so nothing can be confirmed or denied.

Replacement footage has been shot and it is expected to be inserted into the film and the film will go from Avalon to Axanar and it will get a whole stack of views and adoration from those who think Interlude is better than anything ViacomCBS has released since 2005.

The above isn’t a rant or exaggeration because Axanar videos do get a lot of views and people really do say that whatever they show is better than anything ViacomCBS has released since 2005 though I don’t know if the film makers themselves actually believe that (probably not).

Meanwhile Alec Peters has commented about Paul Jenkins on The Real Truth About Axanar, that may be a bad idea to publicly talk about somebody you’re in a court case with.

That’s just some of the events that have gone on recently in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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