MTM Wrap (12/7/21)

July 12 2021

Every couple of weeks on AxaMonitor’s FB group or The Real Truth About Axanar you would read about allegations that this person stole X amount of money or stole X amount of equipment or this person hit somebody in the back at an event or a person has done things considered to be disgusting and it goes on and on.

Some wonder that if somebody was hit in public and people steal thousands of dollars worth of stuff, why didn’t they report it to the law and have them punished in a court of law instead of sitting back and posting about it years later on social media?

Meanwhile Emmett has offered to pay for his accountant to audit Axanar’s current financials, it is unknown whether this offer will be accepted though if it is accepted then the question of financial accountability can be settled once and for all.

It has to be remembered that this is for Axanar’s current state and not what happened several years ago as most talk about the financials circle back to the past and not the present.

There is now a “Axanar Vegas 2021 Away Mission!” group on Facebook as they prepare for the event in August, Axanar will be having a panel and a booth in Vegas.

If you’re asking about the incomplete New Voyages episode “Torment of Destiny”, ask Mark Lewis about it because New Voyages has nothing to do with it anymore as two producers have since died so the episode is in Mark’s hands to do what he needs to do.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has been busy with what is mentioned in the first paragraph and has generated a lot of responses.

The biscuit jokes are back in fashion, some people know them as Scones and it probably annoys people that it is back, the story is that Alec Peters was eating biscuits on the New Voyages set and James Cawley was very unhappy about that and he took the food and binned it.

The jokes started after Alec denied the story by saying that there were no biscuits in Ticonderoga though there is a place that is popular for selling the biscuits there.

Interlude is approaching 89,000 views on YouTube, the count is higher when you factor in Avalon’s view totals as well as other locations that have it.

The majority of recent comments on Axanar videos or Interlude is that they are better than anything ViacomCBS has released in recent years though some are getting annoyed with the long wait for Axanar.

That’s just some of the news that is happening in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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