MTM Wrap (27/6/21)

June 27 2021

Axanar between June 20 and 21 posted just over a half dozen production stills from the past Axanar shoots to the fans delight , fans were very positive about what they had seen with over 20 shares being made on FB.

The problem with these shots is that these were done in 2019 when Paul Jenkins was the director of the fan film and Alec Peters has stated that reshoots will be happening which means that what people are excited about won’t exist in the final product.

Strangely one comment that wasn’t complimentary of Axanar was left alone and it was even liked by Axanar themselves.

AxaMonitor’s FB group got under Alec’s skin when a coffee business was congratulated for their success, Alec did not like it as he had past dealings with those business people and he called them thieves and stated his future suing plans over at The Real Truth About Axanar, this post was deleted and replaced with a new post with similar targets, the new post has received little interest.

We do not know what the outcome of the Peters vs. Jenkins or Peters vs. Armstrong etc. cases are, the latter is confidential and while Alec has hinted at getting money from it, nobody outside of the participants knows how much or what the terms of the and the Jenkins case is ongoing despite filings made in May for a judgment to be made.

The Fan Film Guidelines turned five years old recently, while the guidelines were considered bad at first, the opened up new opportunities for the average fan to have fun with Star Trek compared to the six or seven figure productions that were leaving the definition of amateur status behind for across the board professionalism.

Meanwhile Matt Miller had Emmett Plant on his show twice to talk about his experiences with Alec and other topics such as people targeting each other, these shows have been fairly popular and there is a potential for a third part.

Emmett’s appearances on the show were interesting and it has drawn the attention of Vic Mignogna’s many fans who seem to be part of some #IStandWithVic vs #KickVic war.

It seems Vic Mignogna’s fans are not fans of Emmett’s as Emmett witnessed some bad behaviour from Vic and gave an affidavit detailing what he had saw and they believe he is lying despite the law risks that lying can bring.

Vic’s fans posted evidence in which they claim that Emmett is a sexual predator, this evidence was taken from Discord, the problem with showing only bits and pieces is that you only get to see little pieces of the story and not the full story as Emmett has indicated that it was jokes among friends and if there was a problem, his friends would let him know about it.

The internet is a bad place for risqué jokes among friends because they can backfire spectacularly on a person if somebody who doesn’t like you seem them and can turn them into something against you by picking and choosing examples

Lastly in the news is that the documentary Into The Wormhole – The Battle for Axanar has officially launched for fundraising, it has raised over $182,000 and it will be interesting to see what happens because at least one person on this planet won’t be happy about its existence.

Watching the ask video, I am reminded of all those powerful people who managed to convince people to think or make them led to the conclusion of taking actions that can cause devastation to people’s lives.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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