Has anything changed?

Since 2018, I’ve been writing about what has been going on in the Axanar world.

I agree with a lot of what AxaMonitor says because what Axanar tells people at times does not make any sense.

There are contradictions in Axanar’s plans, there’s not a whole lot of accountability, there’s terrible customer service if anyone dares to question the release date etc.

Nobody should be called morons or losers as well as getting picked on for their occupations and then you have people being threatened with lawsuits and then there’s intimidation when he announces that things are going so well for himself or that things so bad for the other party, none of which can be verified for NDA reasons at the end.

Do I think Axanar will be eventually made and released? Yes.

It has to be made because if things just go on and on, the biggest of Axanar fans will start to question why a simple short fan film needs as much preparation as a city planning for the Olympics and they will walk away depriving Alec of much needed money and people to enthrall.

I disagree with how people go about showing their displeasure on AxaMonitor, nobody needs to know about any body part of Alec, nobody needs to know about his love life and what they do in their lives.

There’s no need for jokes and there’s no need for those fake images etc. just go with plain, straight facts because if they are true, they’ll make Alec uncomfortable and he’ll try and dodge it or lash out.

What AxaMonitor members have to realize is that when they go on about body parts etc. they are just giving Alec the opportunity to play for some sympathy from Axanar fans who may also respond by giving fresh donations.

It’s easy to point at people and say they’re picking on me and the general public will see it and believe it no matter how it all came about.

The less little openings to cause a diversion that you give people, the harder it is for them to defend something if what they say or do has a problem because they have got no diversion to use so they have to answer it or ignore it which could cause somebody to ask where there is no answer if it is avoided .

AxaMonitor also has to find its new wave of moderators, it probably won’t be easy because everyone has different beliefs, different styles and different availability but they are really needed as there is a feeling that women don’t get treated the way they should be treated, with total respect.

Things haven’t really changed since 2018, attitudes and actions are still the same and they may never change though I am always hopeful.

Will anybody read this? Probably not but it is a cold Saturday and covid has caused the AFL season to be at risk of stopping so time is on my hands.

But if you are reading this, give things a thought.

Until next time, be good to each other.


5 thoughts on “Has anything changed?

  1. I indeed read your post from my position here in sweltering central North Carolina.
    I doubt the Axanar shorts will be made, as Axanar Productions apparently doesn’t have the money to make them. This view puts me on the margin at Axamonitor, where the majority view is that the entire Axanar short drama is a scam to raise presumably modest amounts of money from the remaining core Axanar fans.
    If we’re still interested in this on New Years next year, we’ll know whether (1) an audiobook of the script was completed (2) whether a flim shoot took place in LA and finally (3) whether an additional shot took place in GA.
    Curiously in my view, 2 parts of the Axanar infrastructure have disappeared from the social media narrative: Ares Digital, and the Ares Bridge Set. Are either functional, or have both been written off?
    Anyhow, the Axanar affair must end sometime.


    1. If you doubt they’ll be made then Axanar must be screwed because you’re basically the No. 1 fan film fan out there.

      I wonder if Axanar has a farming out like system, give Avalon a slice of the Axanar storyline, give another group a piece etc. all while Axanar looks handsome in the background, the power behind the thrones.

      A short fan film shouldn’t be going through all this trouble, it isn’t Ben Hur but it is obvious that Axanar is trying to hit it out of the park having the advantages other fan films don’t like pros and bigger pockets.

      You mentioned Avalon’s fundraising efforts the other day on AM, the reason they aren’t going so great is because they are just a run of the mill fan film (no offence to them) group they don’t have the controversy or fan celebrity of what Axanar has with Prelude to Axanar otherwise things would be equal.

      The planned audio drama will probably be hailed as the best thing since sliced bread if it is made.

      The bridge set is doing fine but Ares Digital’s counter stopped ticking long ago, one question rarely asked is what happened to the $30,000+ for shoots 3 and 4, the shoots that are now back to 1 and 2?

      I reckon when they do their budget, they’ll start to clean up Ares Digital and then start again with the new fundraiser or two.


      1. Much agreed that the 2 Axanar shorts should be relatively simple to complete, at less than 100K cost.
        I’m simply perplexed over Avalon’s GFM. Their films are technically very well done, the actors are very good, they have access to Sam Cockings for CGI. Indeed, until recently they lacked drama, which I ironically would have considered an asset.
        But you’re certainly correct that the paucity of their backer support suggests that the fan film community doesn’t assign a high value to their expertise.


      2. What you got to remember is that Axanar is seen by a particular group of fans as the little guys that were wronged by a big nasty corporation.

        Now other fans also think that Axanar represents “Real Star Trek” because they don’t like Discovery and/or Picard etc.

        Fan films used to be a lifeline for all Star Trek fans when we had no new TV shows to watch and a film came along every few years, now we got a stack of TV shows so fan films have gone from must see to being an optional choice to get a Star Trek fix.

        Avalon etc. may be great but they just aren’t the ones who tried to pass off their fan film as an independent film and make a film studio that got a jump start off somebody else’s property.


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