Things are Heating Up

July 19 2021

You know things are heating up in the Axanar world when material is being passed around.

Into the Wormhole” has ramped up its activities in the last few weeks and they’ve released a couple of videos and blog entries.

The fate of Lawsuits can be decided on who has the most money, that’s how big corporations can win cases because if they are sued or being sued all they have to do is drag proceedings out as long as they want and if the other side doesn’t have a lawyer doing work pro bono they spend more and more money to keep going and eventually they run out of cash and have to either settle or abandon the lawsuit against the big corporation.

Imagine if Axanar did not have lawyers defending them pro bono? CBS could of dragged things out and forced Axanar to accept their terms to stop financial ruin then again Axanar did accept CBS’ terms so maybe apart from no financial capitulation, the result was the same.

In this case it is individuals facing down each other.

What do you do if you are low on money and somebody who has resources bags the heck out of you online? Their words in print and in videos are damaging your reputation but if you take them to court because of the damage they’ve done, they can cause even more damage because if they leave you broke, your world can fall apart and if it was happens to the wrong kind of person, it could kill them because they’ll think they cannot recover.

It will be interesting to see if the site will be visited and the videos are watched by people or not, right now they don’t have a whole lot of interest so maybe it won’t give Axanar any headaches but the videos may be given a written response on Axanar or The Real Truth About Axanar etc.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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