New Paul Jenkins Interview Out Now

July 23 2021

Trekzone’s conversation with Paul Jenkins was released this morning, this comes after AxaMonitor’s release of a written interview with Paul.

Both the AxaMonitor and Trekzone interviews were conducted in the same week.

The video is divided into sections and each one is a different topic so you can watch Paul talk about Interlude or talk about copyrighted material, Alec Peters boasts about suing people, the October 2019 shoot and much more.

Those who are supporters of Alec Peters are probably thinking that the subject is one sided but it has to be noted that Alec Peters has every opportunity to go on Trekzone and give his side of the story and it would be aired from start to finish so there is no fancy footwork going on.

Don’t forget that Alec has had expressed his thoughts on Axanar Confidential and his other shows so this is the other side of the coin.

Paul has also answered questions on AxaMonitor’s FB page and has left some thoughts about AxaMonitor to its members that hopefully will not be lost in the shuffle of comments

here’s the part where I think people here must look at themselves as well: to the outside, without a lot of actual digging, this page looks like a simple fan dispute. Sure, it’s a family of people but the memes and the disagreements and sometimes poor behavior make it easier for Peters to pass this group off as “irrational,” or whatever. That might not be a popular answer. But that’s the answer.

He is right, sometimes people get a little too excited in AxaMonitor and the jokes start up and the memes are flying in and it seems some people want to top what the person before them had said and soon chaos takes over.

When shining a light on what is going on at Axanar, you cannot give Axanar the opportunity to shine a light at AxaMonitor and uncover similar behavior, you’ve got to be as clean as possible to give them as little fodder as possible.

I know it is an unpopular opinion but when you have two sides calling each other everything under the sun, people will not take your side seriously especially when you’re trying to prove a point, it just doesn’t work but if one side provides solid and well explained facts while the other side raves and screams and rants then results may go your way because the RSR side has nothing to defend with.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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