MTM Wrap (22/7/21)

July 22 2021

AxaMonitor has awoken from its long slumber as Carlos Pedraza conducted an interview with Paul Jenkins and posted it.

Paul has not said anything about what went down with Axanar until very recently so the interview gives great insight into Paul’s side of the story after almost a year of hearing from Axanar’s side.

Paul is also taking questions at AxaMonitor’s FB group for those who want to ask a question.

Trekzone has had a conversation with Paul Jenkins in the past few days and that conversation will be released after everything is put together for a release.

Some may say that the interviews are one sided but Alec doesn’t really like AxaMonitor or Trekzone so he doesn’t present his side of the story there though the offer for him to come on Trekzone and have a conversation is always there should he feel the need to have his say on screen.

Jonathan Lane had a conversation on Trekzone and it went well for him so if he can survive it then Alec can too especially as he has done it a couple of times before.

An Axanar update is scheduled to be given on Friday (Saturday noon AEST) and it will be interesting to know if the interviews get a mention or not or it will be a show with pure business being discussed.

Ares Studios newest creation Jewish Space Laser Corps has almost completed its $10,000 merchandise goal but it will still require $15,000 more for the pilot episode to be filmed so people are paying for merchandise to be created for them before getting to the production part.

Vance Major (and Steve) are going to Vegas thanks to Ares Studios raising the money, Vance is the one who churns out fan films faster than the pace MGM set when releasing Andy Hardy movies in the 1930’s and 1940’s and he will go and tell people all about his fan films at Creation’s event.

Steve who was tacked on to the fundraiser was a Nickleback (look at this photograph) character in Axanar until he got to speak quite a bit on Interlude.

That’s just some of the latest events happening in the Axanar world at this time.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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    1. I think the intention to make the documentary is genuine but past actions conducted by the subject matter will make it difficult to achieve.


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