RMB Speaks About Axanar

July 29 2021

RMB (Robert Meyer Burnett) is a fella who people really like for his work and thoughts or they really don’t like his opinions and they include his opinions about the current state of Star Trek and he makes clear what he thinks is missing from current Star Trek which he does go into detail in the video below.

In the video, RMB talks with John Kirk of Pop Mythology on Robservations and he tells the story about Prelude to Axanar and what happened after it, a lot of people in the Axanar world has probably heard RMB’s story a couple of times by now but there is always somebody out there who doesn’t know because there’s seven billion humans on Earth and we don’t know everything at the same time.

It is a really detailed talk about how Prelude got made and then the chaos of what happened after it and the disagreement over what to do with the two fifteen minute parts that ViacomCBS has allowed Axanar to do just like any of the other fan film makers out there but Axanar has got a few extra allowances.

The last part of the show was when RMB let his feelings out about Alec Peters, he told viewers about the lawsuit that RMB had to defend against and the cost of it and why he had to engage it otherwise he would of lost by default and it would of cost him a lot of money.

He also talks about others who have been subjected to lawsuits or have been threatened with them and states that Alec is “going after people and damaging their lives forcing us to spend money defending ourselves hoping that he can get a settlement and take our money take money from our family members“.

Jonathan Lane gets called a Quisling, if you don’t know what a Quisling is, it is named after Vidkun Quisling who was from Norway and in World War 2 he tried to seize power during the German invasion of the country and he later collaborated with the Germans, after the war he was executed for his actions but by then Quisling was already a term used around the world.

Jonathan is no Quisling, sure he loves Alec and Axanar and is very devoted to the two for as you know he did produce Interlude but he is no Quisling, a Quisling is reserved for those who are the feet of warlords or dictators and they happily carry out genocide etc.

RMB leaves viewers absolutely sure about what he thinks of Alec when he said the following late in the piece

I mean it’s unbelievable to me that he’s doing this and continues to do this to people over and over and over again because he is a failure in every aspect of his life” (60:59).

Alec Peters has actually turned toxicity into something he he wields it as a weapon against better people than him in an attempt to destroy good people and and he is he is a truly horrific human being.” (64:43).

No doubt that these words will reach Alec at some stage though he did comment about RMB just a couple of hours before the video was released when John Kirk published his article about Axanar and the former directors.

Alec mentioned his claim that RMB stole $30,000 from Axanar Donors, $10,000 worth of equipment and $5000 for work not completed as well as some other thoughts like RMB is a loser.

So if you got an hour and ten minutes to spare, check it out, some of it you probably heard before and some of it may be brand new information.

Until next time, be good to each other.


6 thoughts on “RMB Speaks About Axanar

  1. Watching at a distance, I think the total estrangement of RMB and Jonathan Lane is one of the more sad events of this odd saga that several of us have watched for some time that began with a Trek fan film proposal.

    As an American Southerner, the only comparison I can think of to these destroyed friendships and bitter enmities is a Baptist church split ( I saw one of those in my distant youth- the people involved in them seem to never recover from the experience).


    1. Jonathan being a firm believer in Alec from print to video and carrying out Interlude would be the reason why there is anger.

      Nobody can seriously believe that Interlude was made to be a fan film of a fan film, it fits too perfectly with Prelude (and eventually Axanar?) and had AP’s fingerprints all over it.

      People don’t seem too concerned about Interlude existing, it is as if it was a light snack (an expensive light snack) while waiting for the main course to be made (it’s going to be a very late dinner if and/or when it comes).


      1. I’ve got to agree that one occasionally runs into online statements that imply, at least in my reading of them, irritation that Mr Lane and the Avalon Universe team succeeded with Interlude.

        There may be some mild irony that Warren Hawk’s performance of Captain Jakande was quite well done while Mr Peters’ of Captain Garth was OK. I couldn’t have done as well as Mr Peters did, and I’ll admit it. Several of the other actors, including, IMHO, the science officer aboard the Ares and the helmsman aboard the Artemis (who had no lines in the film) did very well as actors in a fan film.

        I’ve noticed this irritation at Interlude’s existence downstream of the vitriol associated with Mr Peters’ lawsuits against some former allies and the publication of Mr Jenkins’ intention of making a documentary, which I presume is a descendent of the one RMB contemplated some time back.

        Initially after Interlude’s publication, even in Axamonitor, Mr Lane was credited by some of Mr Peters’ opponents for having completed his film and paid for it, in contrast to the 2 Axanar shorts which remain in limbo. As you intimate, their completion is probably not in the cards.

        I’d guess that Mr Lane’s personal loyalty to Mr Peters will be put to the test in Mr Jenkins’ lawsuit since it seems sensible that Mr Lane would be summoned under oath to provide testimony certainly in the Jenkins countersuit, and perhaps in the Peters lawsuit that started this set of hostilities.


      2. Jonathan was always going to see Interlude completed, he would of looked like a big Turkey if he didn’t because as you know he talks up his fan film credentials and failure wouldn’t of looked good for his reputation besides AP would of ensured it launched.

        Historically people have felt that JL is more trustworthy with a fan film compared to AP.

        AP’s first half in Interlude wasn’t terrible but the second half (interview stuff) was terrible as noticed by all the cuts in the footage it really killed the smoothness that the first 5 or so minutes enjoyed.

        I think people don’t like the way JL talks to people, it is considered to be condescending, belittling, snarky and showing off.

        JL’s loyalty to AP is absolute, there may be little disagreements time to time but he is always marching in step with AP when it counts, the 70 minute Interlude documentary is testimony to that as JL posted not only Paul’s release form but also the footage as the link below hopefully shows if not go to 41:20.

        The thing he forgot to mention is that the request to remove Paul’s footage was originally made after JL’s seemingly unsolicited efforts to broker peace between PJ and AP backfired horribly and PJ told JL to lose his number and take the footage off.

        The request not at the last minute though a follow up request was shortly before it premiered.

        Will Axanar be completed? I am still confident it will be because AP seems to like basking in the affection of fans and I think fans are starting to grow weary of the delays so he better get his skates on before everyone leaves.

        About court, historically nobody in recent times has made it inside the court room because AP crushes them with legal costs by making people jump through expensive hoop after expensive hoop but if somebody does make it inside court, it will be interesting to hear what comes out.

        Have you noticed recently that people are starting to talk now instead of hiding from AP?


  2. Yes on your final point. There seems to be a counterattack on Mr Peters’ legal strategy of hitting his former friends and allies with front-loaded legal expenses that he himself apparently doesn’t bear as the initiator of litigation. Mr Jenkins has said online that Mr Lane and Mrs Lane have feared being on the receiving end of such legal arbitrage.

    In Paul Jenkins and Emmett Plant, Mr Peters has found, IMHO, two opponents who will stand and fight legally.
    Both seem to have personalities that are not amenable to being bluffed into submission and both have financial resources (for Mr Jenkins the 180K or thereabouts of input capital for his documentary; for Mr Plant his own financial resources).

    We’ll see if we remain interested in this saga for another year or so, I suspect.


    1. I would be a worried if a friend of mine sued people left, right and centre and I had received gifts etc. from them because if we part ways that could be deemed “stealing” and I get sued too.

      Dean also filed a Police report regarding AP so it could be lawyer action from three sides.

      EP is a guy who stands by his opinions, he won’t back down on something unless he absolutely has to.

      If Axanar finally gets made and release people will say it is better than Discovery and Picard, they probably don’t even watch the fan film, they just stick the comment on for obligatory purposes.

      Hopefully 2022 is the year it all ends and we can go follow fan films that are on time, on budget and the creator do not constantly tin rattle for money especially when the creators got lots of it already.


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