MTM Wrap (3/8/21)

August 3 2021

We’re now into August and getting closer to hopefully the end of the Axanar saga expected to be in 2022.

Matt Miller has been busy lining up interviews after Paul Jenkins and Steven Mayhew both came along and had a chat and more guests will be coming to converse about Axanar and their lives.

It feels like people are starting to feel more confident in talking about their Axanar experiences as RMB, Paul Jenkins and Steven Mayhew all have spoken about their experiences in recent weeks.

Paul Jenkins and Emmett Plant are challenging Alec Peters in court and Dean Newbury has filed a police report too.

There is no word on how the Alec vs. Paul battle is going and there were suggestions that Alec is doing really well but those claims cannot be verified.

Axanar has stepped up its Facebook posts with around four posts being made every day though a number of them are repeat posts like Axanar’s upcoming trip to Vegas and the promo for Jewish Space Laser Corps.

Ares Studios new project “Jewish Space Laser Corps” got to it’s $10,000 merchandise goal rather quickly but its next $15,000 to pay for the pilot episode is going to take longer as just under $2,700 has been raised since the moment of triumph but don’t be surprised if the money total gets a sudden boost late in the going.

It is still bizarre that fans were asked to pay for merchandise to be made for them first before funding started for the pilot episode itself, there’s no doubt there is a profit margin between manufacturing costs and the retail price of the items that people are going to receive.

It would probably be wiser if you want JSLC merchandise to sit back and wait for it to go on sale in the Ares Studios store and get it at a cheaper rate.

$1,250 has been raised to send Vance and Steve to Vegas to go to the convention there, the original goal was for $900 so they got $350 play money or does Ares Studios as the GoFundMe is to benefit them.

Into The Wormhole has released their fourth video, this one is titled “Lying about your enemies makes it easier to hate them” and this one shows Alec Peters giving his thoughts on those who aren’t fans of what he is doing by comparing them to people who like him.

If you work at Walmart you may not be impressed by what Alec says and if you aren’t a Lawyer, Doctor, CEO etc. you might get the feeling that you are beneath him.

Into The Wormhole have also released a new blog entry titled “Tall Tales and Why They’re Told“.

MTM has passed 10,000 lifetime views which is nice, the majority of views were done in the first full year of operation but as many people know that while views are nice, it is not something that is hunted for 24/7 because people don’t need to be bombarded with posts to come and visit, it is all choice.

There’s a documentary out there called Editing INTERLUDE: A Star Trek Fan Production and it runs for seventy minutes as Jonathan Lane takes people through the whole process and you can see Paul Jenkins and his release form in it too as Jonathan gives his take on what happened when Paul wanted his footage out, some say the request came at the last moment in 2021 and some say the request was made in 2020 and repeated in 2021.

That’s just some of what is going on in the Axanar world at this present time.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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