MTM Wrap (16/8/21)

The majority of Team Axanar and Team AxaMonitor and Friends went to Vegas to spend a few days doing things like showing props, doing panels and filming.

Somebody wrote “Sucks” underneath the placard thing that had Axanar on it, I have the feeling if it was somebody who really doesn’t like Alec the writing would of been way bigger and the message way ruder, regardless it was not a good thing to have done.

It was probably a surprise to people when everybody got to Vegas and it was discovered that Hero Prop and Axanar’s booths were back to back and Axanar eventually sought and were granted a move and they moved twice with the final destination a bigger space than the second.

Hero Prop benefitted from Axanar’s move as they now had double the space and people could comfortably gawk at the props that were displayed.

There was no chance there was going to be a showdown at Vegas, nobody was going to be stupid enough to get in each others faces and call each other everything under the sun, that was reserved for Facebook.

The Axanar panel was never going to face questions from Carlos or Shawn or anybody known to be a “hater” because Team Axanar were in control of who they were going to get questions from, had they had a moderator, things may of been different.

AxaMonitor live tweeted what was going on at the Axanar panel and when Tony Todd was mentioned he of course was tagged and he is still not very complimentary of Axanar and Alec Peters as you can see below.

Those who went to the Axanar panel got to see a vignette titled “Heroes” that was shot using a mixture of Axanar and New Voyages people several years ago, it was labelled as “new” but it was not because as said it was made years ago and bits of it have been seen before especially at the start of “Axanar – Peace In Our Time“.

Robert Meyer Burnett had a lot to say about Alec Peters and Axanar at AxaMonitor and he actually released “Heroes” on YouTube before the people in Vegas got to see it.

Attendees also got to see the eight minute video “AXANAR – The Gathering Storm – Featurette” which was released on Halloween 2020 and used footage from the Paul Jenkins era, an era that has been ridiculed by Alec Peters who said he’d reshoot everything then told people 40-50% of Axanar was shot in 2019 and then said there be partial reshoots.

The Real Truth About Axanar and AxaMonitor were busy over the weekend posting about who moved where, who said what and words like lies were flying all over the place.

One example was that AxaMonitor’s FB group reported that Alec Peters walked into the theatre for the Avalon panel and after seeing the “haters” left the place, Alec said in TRTAA that it was a lie and he was at the Axanar booth and had witnesses.

Some people who are at AxaMonitor have decided to no longer give money to Avalon’s fan productions due to the closeness of the relationship between Axanar and Avalon.

Reece Watkins described Jonathan Lane as a “Former Axanar teammate” which could mean anything from Jonathan not having anything officially to do with Axanar to Jonathan just not being at Vegas with the Team Axanar people, who knows it may be nothing.

The above was part of a message about those who went to Vegas and the risks of going there while covid is still making thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in the United States ill and in a lot of cases .die from covid.

Interviews were conducted for Paul’s upcoming documentary, this documentary has been labelled “straight to vaporware” in comments on TRTAA, the filming is complete in Vegas and further work is now being done in a new location.

So Vegas is over, Ares Studios made some money by selling stuff and nothing spectacularly stupid occurred over the days.

There is sad news for fan film fans and those who cherish life (hopefully all of us) Jonathan Lane reported at Fan Film Factor that covid has claimed the life of Michael Sylvester who had appeared in several fan productions in recent years with another fan film cast member also struggling with the virus.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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