The Interesting Interview

August 20 2021

It is always the same pattern on Podcasts etc. in the Axanar world as Axanar friends talk to Axanar friends, “Hater” friends talk to “Hater” friends.

Matt Miller decided to try something new, he asked Reece Watkins if he wanted to go on Trekzone and Reece agreed which breaks the cycle of friendlies hosting friendlies aka “Echo chamber”.

Reece is a big supporter of Axanar and he is admin of The Real Truth About Axanar where you’ll find some topics that you wouldn’t find at Axanar’s page or Fan Group etc.

So Reece got on AxaMonitor and he had his say answering questions that Matt put to him, he obviously tolerated it well as it went for 54 minutes.

Some AxaMonitor members wish Matt delivered them a pound of flesh but a pound of flesh wasn’t the goal of the interview, I know because I wrote some of the questions.

What has to be understood is that these opportunities to question a person with a differing opinion are rare and you don’t want to upset the apple cart by being aggressive and so you want to build a foundation towards getting a second or third appearance and finding out more.

So Matt asked Reece the questions and Reece answered them, it is for people to listen and think is Reece right or is he wrong and why is he right and why is he wrong?

It was not Hater vs. Axanar or Matt vs. Reece, it was an interview to hear what Reece had to say.

Reece talks about the thoughts that Axanar is a scam, Only a small portion of “Haters” believe in the theory that Axanar is a financial scam because you would have to be the worst scammer on earth to have and lose one point something million dollars.

Maybe people are thinking it is a scam of a non financial kind, it is something worth checking out.

The topic of contradiction came up and Reece said the following when Matt asked if he watch Alec’s shows and the scenario is that Alec says something different across different shows.

I tend not to watch him very much because it’s uh a lot of times it’s information I’ve already uh been made aware of um so um I can’t really comment on something I haven’t seen

If he watch regularly did he would of heard things from Alec like

as we’re going to do that we should reshoot everything” – Axanar After Dark #113 when talking about Jonathan Lane’s recommendation for reshoots.

that got us about 40-50 percent of all the live action” – Axanar Update March 2021 when talking about 2019 shoots.

Then most recently Alec talked about using some of the footage from those shoots to use in the film so it has changed again.

Reece mentions the convention in Vegas and Shawn O’Halloran and his boys being there and says “Las Vegas convention was Shawn O’Halloran sending his son to abuse Alec at his booth“.

It does not appear that Shawn’s boys went to the Axanar booth to abuse Alec, when the main video was on YouTube, you could see them at 2:45 and are gone by 3:09 and by the looks of things they were going to take a photograph of themselves there, Shawn also states that he did not direct the boys to go to the Axanar booth and he wanted them to stay far away from the Axanar booth/table.

The two copies of the live stream were taken down by lunch Thursday but thankfully there is a copy of the incident so people can watch it and see events unfold.

Events surrounding Jeff Craig were discussed on 42:42

Jeff Craig had had been uh the target of some people on AxaMonitor uh abuse they went did things were completely beyond the pale his employer tried to get him fired.

The event that had taken place did not originate at AxaMonitor, there was a Twitter fight and Emmett Plant basically said to Jeff if you want to take on somebody, take on me, I live at (his address) and Jeff’s employer got dragged into it somehow but it wasn’t an AxaMonitor planned event.

We also found out what Reece meant by “Former Axanar Teammate Jonathan Lane” (48:08), it just meant that Jonathan isn’t around Axanar as much as he used to which is true, he has hardly written about Axanar since Alec and Paul started to fight and the release of snippets from Troll Hunters.

Reece says when discussing Trollhunters and reactions from “Haters” towards Team Axanar (38:47) “you know it’s a form of cyber bullying it’s form of cyber stalking and there’s nothing to keep them in check because you know we’ve discussed earlier you can’t just punch him in the face so you know Alec doing the only thing he can and that’s go after the worst people sue them and that’s it’s the only legal recourse he has

Alec hasn’t sued Carlos or Shawn or Sandy or Justin or anybody who regularly posts at AxaMonitor for what they say there, he has sued the likes of Robert Meyer Burnett, Dean Newbury, Paul Jenkins and Tiana Armstrong and none of those were or are sued for what they’ve said in AxaMonitor or other similar groups but instead they were/are sued for work issues/claims.

Reece also says that he named the group Trollhunters, it is not believed he founded it based on what he said about it, he does not appear to be concerned about the logs that AxaMonitor reportedly have and have hinted at releasing over the last couple of months.

We learned about Alec’s determination as Reece said he is “one of the most determined people I’ve ever met he’s going to get this done” so Reece is confident in Alec getting it done, why not? Alec’s gone this far it would be a waste of time to call stumps and walk off.

We also learned at 28:37 what Reece saw when he was at Ares Studios back in October 2019 and what he believes happened in the aftermath as everything went from harmonious to the court battle that is going on today.

So while one side thinks it is great and some on the other side think it is disappointing, a closer inspection reveals that all is not what it seems and hopefully there can be a follow up where Matt can present Reece with his findings and see what Reece says next.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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