December 30 2021

Over the years we have all seen threats being thrown around either by those who are pro Alec Peters and those who are anti Alec Peters.

There have been legal threats, things taken as threats and there’s been some serious threats, one has Alec saying that one person “needs to die too” and on the other side of the coin there was the comment that silicone is not bullet proof, that one was referring to Alec’s partner who has played Supergirl in fan films etc.

As you can see in this link it is said that somebody on AxaMonitor’s FB group said that “Men with guns will show up at your door” and that apparently meant Police but was taken to be something else, it probably would of slid on by if they said “Men with badges will show up at your door”.

It has been said that pictures of Crysstal’s house and her mother’s house and address have been shared though nothing has been found, the closest one being Alec’s (now old?) address which was on public record.

Apparently this was all inspired by a big inflatable Duck, ever since one of Shawn’s kids wore a Duck head and was sent away from the Axanar booth in Las Vegas, the Duck has lived on at AxaMonitor’s FB groups.

There is no need to make any kind of threats either real ones or making jokes or comments that can be perceived as a threat, it just isn’t worth it.

Threats of any kind and comedy hour has to stop but it won’t stop, neither will all those talks about deflecting and cognitive dissonance and it will go on and on until next year when Axanar is completed and hopefully there are no more Ares Studios or Axanar Productions led Star Trek fan films after that otherwise the whole thing starts again.

In other news, Axanar has commented on a comment made on Trekzone’s interview with Joshua Irwin, Axanar did not respond to the responses and is currently not expected to.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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