Trekzone interviews Josh Irwin

December 23 2021

Josh Irwin appeared on Trekzone to talk about Avalon, Alec Peters, Josh’s thoughts on a few topics, what he is doing at Axanar and also talks about conflict in one of the longest shows in Trekzone history.

We learned that Interlude was no picnic and that there was a lot of tension and it led to destruction in personal lives as it seems that there were three people all wanting to run the show and they fumbled the ball a lot before getting to the end zone.

Interlude will be going to festivals which appears to be allowed in the guidelines which is interesting though I wonder how many film festivals would allow short films about Star Trek knowing they aren’t official.

The third cut of Interlude is the best one, that is the benefit of hindsight and the passage of time that allowed stress free fiddling with the footage.

It is said that both sides (Axanar’s inner circle and AxaMonitor) are as bad as each other, they are.

It is the way of the online world, one side says something, the other has to respond there’s only so much a person can take before they dish something out in response.

You’re always going to find really fired up people online regarding any subject just find somebody who really doesn’t like Republicans or Democrats and out come the names for Trump or Biden or AOC or somebody from the United States political scene, even an Australian knows what happens if you push the right buttons.

Only a few people “Hate Alec Peters”, some of those people have been sued, some of them have had to fight legal cases that were lodged in the wrong state and that killed their finances because the alternative was an unfair defeat and it added enormous stress in their lives and some people are friends of those who had to go through so much stress and some are people who threw money at Axanar and got a wild ride instead of what they paid for.

“Haters” object to the way things get handled, they object to fans having to shell out money for Ares Studios when it may only have been used for a sliver of the Axanar air time, they object to COVID-19 vaccination status being used for money grabbing, they object to how Alec talks about people on YouTube and more.

If I was on AxaMonitor, I would make points but I wouldn’t make it personal, there’s a chance that AP will get fired up at what you’re doing if it gets people talking and he will start calling you a moron or a loser and he will measure your achievements with his to try and act superior and all you the watcher have to do is go report, report, report across all the channels that carry Axanar Confidential etc. and there’s a slim chance that YouTube and FB will see what is happening and go, shut down, shut down and shut down and bang there goes the kingdom for awhile.

If FB and YouTube are in an unforgiving mood then Axanar will have to start again and now that Axanar is now mortal as it is just another fan film compared to the Independent Star Trek Movie it once was going to be, the climb back may be very slow but it is all very unlikely to happen.

The good news is that it sounds like that Josh will make sure Axanar is done so 2022 could perhaps be the very end of the Axanar saga.

Until next time, be good to each other


2 thoughts on “Trekzone interviews Josh Irwin

  1. I believe you called 2022 as the end of the Axanar affair some time ago, and that appears quite likely. Either the 2 shorts will be completed and published next year or another failed target date probably will sap the life out of their effort.

    Not only Josh Irwin, but Mark Edward Lewis appears to want to help Axanar Productions finish.

    I’ve wished them well in the past as I think the fan film hobby needs to get past this adventure but I wonder if they can complete all of the Post stuff in time for their summer target. If they have to raise a lot of money, it seems reasonable to conclude that they can’t. Maybe there are techies who will work on the films gratis as some did on Interlude.

    Hopefully next year we’ll be typing more about Farragut, Avalon, Sam Cockings’ shorts and others and less about war over Axanar.


    1. If we were still in the Star Trek drought of official TV shows, I reckon people would throw money at Axanar over and over again but the reality is we have three live action series either in operation or will be in operation soon (SNW) and two animated series and while some people go hysterical and rave and scream and rant for gifts over Discovery and Picard etc. the shows quench the thirst of many fans who don’t have to dip into their money to give to fan films for their fix.

      I believe 2022 will be the end of the Axanar saga, I think they are going back to basics (Prelude style) and making a show that is to the point and there’s no doubt people will think it is amazing and ViacomCBS should be ashamed of themselves but they aren’t and they will never be ashamed of themselves.

      People think ViacomCBS were harsh on the little guy but lets be honest, AP and company were trying to make an independent version of a property they didn’t own, they got caught and the cookie jar lid slammed down on AP’s fingers.

      Paul Jenkins will get blamed for any change of Axanar vision but let’s face it COVID ripped a hole in continuity, they had one bad day in March 2020 and PJ’s tenure was not the complete disaster we keep hearing about as they like those bridge scenes, a memory card issue happens, they could of filmed another day later, reshoots happen all the time especially in Hollywood.

      Axanar does have one thing up its sleeve when it comes to fundraising, great VFX shots and old stuff that they can roll out over and over again with few people noticing that they’ve seen it before like that 8 minute behind the scenes video that they rolled out twice and people didn’t notice it was already done before.

      People don’t worry about Farragut or any of the others because they plan, they make and they release fan films with a minimum of fuss while everything Axanar does is made out to be like it was Ben Hur, the others don’t need Axanar Confidential or Brunch or any of the other shows to keep up hype, they just need themselves, you, Matt Miller and Jonathan Lane and that’s pretty much it.

      We’ll probably watch Axanar, think it was nice and then wonder what else is on YouTube to watch and maybe revisit it a couple of months down the track.


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