MTM Wrap (10/1/22)

January 10 2022

Robert Meyer Burnett has put out a challenge to Alec Peters to appear on his YouTube show and talk about matters as stolen money.

I’m not a fan of RMB calling Jonathan Lane a Quisling, a Quisling should be reserved for those who rush to side with and act in the name of people whose evilness is like Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceausescu, Idi Amin and other similar nasty pieces of work and I am not a fan of the rim job suggestions either.

It appears the “stolen money” that Alec alludes to is the amount of money that was paid to RMB to do certain work along with some items RMB apparently taken home with him when he got off the Axanar rollercoaster.

If a lot of expensive stuff was taken away from the business then why wasn’t the police involved? It is a crime to walk off with somebody’s stuff but instead of involving police, legal challenges were issued and it got nowhere as the cases were fought in the wrong places but it did rack up a big bill for RMB who doesn’t have somebody fight or start cases for free or on contingency.

The bottom line is that Alec will never go on RMB’s channel or Matt’s channel (Trekzone) etc. because they are not friendly territory for him, he’ll go where those who adore him won’t ask him any questions that he won’t like or get stuck on or answer wrongly.

Not even RMB’s offer to give Alec a slice of the money that may come in during his show will be enough to sway Alec.

It’s Rule #1 when you’re hitting the airwaves or streamwaves etc. to never go to a place where people can catch you out on something, go to the places you know are friendly and you can sell people a message without being pulled up for anything.

Axanar’s filming schedule appears to have been pushed back a month, a slight delay but nothing major and there is also a delay on the production and release of the audio drama that was planned for release last year.

It also looks like that Alec will be paying for the rest of Axanar to be made so there is no more fundraising, Axanar may even be getting a funding boost, it will be interesting to see if this stance covers post production and if the stance is solid as a rock.

Nobody really knows how much Alec has spent on Axanar, the $200,000 price tag stated by Alec has been around for a couple of years now and it has surely jumped up a stack of cash by now, the waters get muddied when you factor in Ares Studios and their costs.

Alec has gone through what appears to have gone wrong with the March 2020 footage and states “we’re just dumping the whole thing“, it is unknown whether that means he is dumping the October 2019 footage as well, if so people may be disappointed if there are no bridge scenes but then again there are people who will think that anything put up is real Star Trek and it looks awesome.

Axanar will be getting red carpet premieres though will the adoration be the same as it was for Prelude? Will it generate a couple of million views despite Axanar missing the likes Richard Hatch, Gary Graham, Tony Todd and Kate Vernon as well as most of the production team behind Prelude to Axanar.

Prelude to Axanar came during the years that fans were starved of Star Trek being on TV, we now have Discovery, Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds and Prodigy either now on TV or they are on their way to being on TV.

Enterprise back in 2001 was being teased as Series V and now we’ve got four series in recent years so we’ve had almost double the series in a short amount of time compared to five from 1966 to 2005.

The COVID pins are selling well at the moment, there is an argument going on about IP but one thing people have to consider is whether or not Ares Studios is profiting from COVID, it has to be noted that these pins won’t serve as proof of vaccination so do not try that anywhere that requires proof.

Do the pins look good? Yes
Are they official Star Trek pins? No
Are they proof of Vaccination? No

Meanwhile over at TRTAA and AxaMonitor the talk is about relationship statuses, who met who where and when, the mentioning of kids, who is screenshoting what out there, Burning Patches, The usual Psychological word usage and more

Relationships and Kids should never be mentioned, parenting abilities should never be questioned, it is not relevant to what is going on.

I think people talking at AxaMonitor get suckered into making jokes and not bothering to pick apart what comes from TRTAA or from Axanar Confidential etc. because they could of said the $30,000+ raised was completed in Q4 2020 and not Q1 2020 as stated etc.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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