Here we go again

January 27 2022

The old chestnut has been wheeled out again, yes my friends and the generally curious it is AP going back to using the old “RMB stole from Axanar donors” line.

It is a topic that will never die as it frequently comes up for discussion and RMB has been gone from Axanar for a very long time, one person says something and the other has to respond to it and it goes round and round.

Rob has put out a challenge for Alec to come talk on his show but AP doesn’t appear interested in accepting.

Alec will most likely not invite Rob to go and talk on his show, whoever is the host would have the advantage of donors and eyeballs watching the show plus the power of the on/off switch.

It is probably tempting for AxaMonitor FB group members to talk about it at length giving opinions on AP’s state of mind etc. which will then be discussed in TRTAA with the opposites given but it really isn’t worth the time because the topic just goes round and round in circles.

The topic will come up again in the future as it always done, there will always be the hint of legal action and maybe it will happen once the battle with Paul Jenkins is over though it has been four months since AP declared that Paul was being pummeled in court and there is no end in sight for that court case.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Here we go again

    1. It will be all over soon, Axanar should be released this year and that should end the saga unless AP of course does launch all those legal actions he has in a queue and it goes on until either he wins, they win, he settles, they settle, they go broke or he goes broke.


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