Axanar breaks silence

June 17 2022

It has been a quiet couple of weeks in the Axanar world, so quiet that it felt like the fan film world was the quietest it has been for a very long time aside from the Trekzone Fan Film Awards which was a success.

But today the quietness of the fan film world ended when Axanar’s new writing piece hit the internet and it was titled “Why we sued Paul Jenkins of Meta X Studios for Copyright Fraud and Defamation“.

Yes the lawsuit is still going on and it is fast approaching two years since this all began, more than a year has passed since Alec put in a Motion for Summary Judgement that didn’t go his way so this is now just a quagmire.

Was it wise to release this new piece in the middle of the lawsuit? Usually people and businesses when in litigation don’t make any comments until things have come to an end but this battle shows no signs of rolling to a stop but it will when somebody runs out of money, maybe both parties will be ruined, maybe just one or they both get away by the skin of their teeth.

Meanwhile there is new information on Axanar’s shooting schedule and that is three days of L.A shooting “will take place in Los Angeles in late summer”.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Axanar breaks silence

    1. Some feel it is an attempt to get people on AxaMonitor to post it and talk about the posts content.

      It’s the same old story that’s been wheeled out the last 20+ months with a few more details added.


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