The 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards

Today was the day The 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards got underway.

It was a nerve-wracking day, watching the hours slowly tick by and looking at the waiting totals in the last hour hoping somebody will turn up because it would have been soul destroying if nobody showed up to watch proceedings.

But there was nothing to worry about as Ross Trowbridge, Matthew Ezell, Joshua Irwin, David Wrenn and more all came in and it was clear that the next hour or so was going to be very friendly in the chat room as compliments flew around everywhere, it was great to watch.

The music as the countdown started going down from 30 seconds was quite catchy, you could actually hear Matt giving instructions as the time ticked down and bang, we were underway.

As I watched the pre-show interviews, I came to the conclusion that I need to buy more Starships, I think my collection is respectable and right for my home but there’s some goodies that others have that I wouldn’t mind having a version of myself.

So, it was 3pm on a sunny yet cold winter’s day when the live action got underway, six weeks of preparation now gave way to the main event and it was now completely in Matt Miller’s hands, my job was completely done and I was just a spectator.

I guess people would probably find it amusing that there was a slight hiccup when the Interlude nomination came on screen and then halfway through it had shown a puzzled Matt for a couple of seconds before going back on but it wasn’t deliberate, welcome to live streaming.

By the time Nick Cook and Sam Cockings won Best Collaboration, the expression of joy on Nick’s face brought tears to my eyes, it made the fan film awards worth everything that happened in the weeks leading up to today.

One of my dogs, Willow died around the time that the nominations were announced and then we had the Interlude withdrawal saga and fears people would leave us and doubts crept in, but Matt continued on with show preparations and I finalized the winning choices and we got.

Joy was pretty much the theme for the afternoon, to see people happy that they were chosen, and everybody was humble and emphasized that it takes a lot of people to make a fan film and I hope people get to see a replay of the chat as it was so great to see

Yorktown: A Time To Heal deserved the top award, it was not chosen because of star power, George Takei and James Shigeta were big stars but they weren’t taken into consideration, everything outside of those two stars were taken into consideration and it was enough to give them the nod.

It appears that none of our choices were controversial which is good because controversy wasn’t sought after.

Picking the final four of every category and the winning one was no easy task, the mind would flick back and forth between choices and then the picture become clearer and there are no regrets, each winner had that little extra to get them over the line, there were no slam dunks options.

The winners will have a major problem on their hands, the battle to get a share of the Tim Tams, if you haven’t had any before, you’ll find out why they are very important to Australians after having just one, the problem is you’re likely to have more than one and there’s also the chance a member of their household will get them first, eating a whole packet is not out of the realm of possibility.

I hope that nobody tries to eat the Vegemite raw otherwise we won’t see them at the 2023 awards because the taste may never go away so if you are reading this, please remember to make it a 50/50 mix with butter or margarine on your piece of toast or a sandwich though I heard 100% can have health benefits.

Preparations have now started on the awards ceremony for 2023 and I can already tell you that it is going to be even harder to pick nominations and winners because over a half dozen fan films have come out since the 2022 cut-off and there’s a lot more to come especially as the world gets more and more active after two years of restrictions keeping people apart.

That’s the adventure that way the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.


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