The Pointless Dig

June 30 2022

This morning we woke up to Fan Fan Factor having a little subtle dig at the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards by going on about Vegemite and it was obvious what he was talking about.

The winners in the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards will be getting more than Vegemite, they get a Koala keychain, a packet of Tim Tams and Vegemite plus a small award too (and a bigger one if you are Yorktown as they won the big one).

Koalas, Tim Tams and Vegemite are three icons of Australia, yes two of them are food but we value our food and our Koalas and we wanted to give a piece of Australia to the fan film makers around the world (some joke that Western Australia is on the way to Australia).

Now there are misinformed people who would dig a spoon into the Vegemite jar and have a big sample of the stuff, that’s a big no-no though you would be considered gutsy for giving it a try and there’s no shortage of Americans on YouTube showing that they’ve got guts and the face expressions are worth the watch.

Vegemite is good for the body and if you have a 50/50 mixture with your margarine or butter, you’ll be A-OK.

Matt and I are proud of the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, we are proud of the selections made, we are proud of the way the awards were designed, we are proud of the awards that are sent out and we would do it again in a heartbeat but we have to wait until 2023 to do it all again.

The Trekzone Fan Film Awards were designed to be different to the others and it was pulled off with great success and improvements will be made to make it even better next year but we’re not No. 1 or anything like that and we sure are not going to boast about anything.

It does not matter if you send out digital awards, physical awards, gifts with the awards, have entry fees or no entry fees, the only thing that matters is the people that you are honouring and those people are the ones who played a part in the fan films.

Some awards styles may not be in sync with your philosophies like fees make me uncomfortable because to me fan films are made for free and should be judged or awarded for free and I am not sure about fan films directors etc. awarding fellow fan films as it could be an exercise in awarding friends but if fees and judging structure make the awards float then that’s how it is.

In the end, Fan films win by having a variety of award shows and with the Bjo Awards, Directors Choice Awards, Showrunner Awards and Trekzone Fan Film Awards you’ve got variety in spades.

If you want to act like you’re the God of Fan Films and claim superiority and tell people what to do, you’ll be found out and be left behind because nobody has the desire to deal with 1990’s High School behaviour, there’s room for everybody in the fan film world and if you can’t accept that then away with you.

Enjoy fan films and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “The Pointless Dig

  1. I find it very ironic (hypocritical?) that you chose to respond to what you called a “little subtle dig” with the judgmental run-sentence: “If you want to act like you’re the God of Fan Films and claim superiority and tell people what to do, you’ll be found out and be left behind because nobody has the desire to deal with 1990’s High School behaviour, there’s room for everybody in the fan film world and if you can’t accept that then away with you.”

    I’ll be honest with you, Aussie-who-must-not-be-named, when Matt began making little digs at the Showrunner Awards and Directors Choice Awards by openly (and frequently!) criticizing us both for deciding to require a $10 fee to enter a fan film, I found it very rude and inappropriate on his part..much like your reaction today.

    So after waiting for you and Matt to finish your little Awards Show (a courtesy Matthew choose not to extend to me, of course), I was curious to see his and your reaction to a tiny bit of the same treatment…even having a little chuckle at something as minor as offering Vegemite as a prize. (And no, I didn’t eat it straight from the jar. I’ll admit to tasting it that way at first, but then my British friend–who had both Vegemite and Marmite–proceeded to toast me some bread and spread it on with margarine. I still thought it tasted foul. That’s just me.)

    Anyway, apparently you decided that the best response to a good-natured jibe about the taste of Vegemite was to escalate directly to resentful name-calling and insults….which I find quite interesting, albeit disappointing in seeing you so epically failing to absorb what you and Matt so enthusiastically dished out for three straight months. One wonders, if I were to now choose to escalate from here, trying to match or surpass your suggestion that I consider myself “God of Fan Films,” would you and Matthew become even more irate in claiming some kind of victimhood?
    Or would you acknowledge at least some previous provocative wrongdoing on your parts?

    I suspect, in the end, what makes the most sense in your mind is to have one set of rules for Jonathan, and a different set of rules for both of you. Good to know, good to know.


    1. We’ve done the name dance before and its Chuck.

      Now you and Matt don’t like each other and it has gotten to a point that it looks bad for fan films and guess who wins? nobody because everybody looks ridiculous and one day fan films will realize this and leave your orbits en masse.

      Yes the Trekzone Fan Film Awards was a little awards show, it was the little awards show that could and I look forward to doing it again in 2023.

      The Trekzone Fan Film Awards was placed in a position that was far away from anybody else’s effort including yours, I picked the time as it was smack bang in the middle of the TFFA announcement and the holding of your awards.

      You will find that acknowledgement of fan films is worth all the gold in the world to fan films so it doesn’t matter what month somebody has their do on, the fan film creators, cast and crew like it all the same and there is no chance of being upstaged or anything like that.

      About God of Fan Films, you once said on Facebook that you are the pre-eminent voice of fan films, that’s pretty God like.

      So now that we’ve had a good swing at each other, what do you want to do?

      If you choose to escalate as you say in your hypothetical situation, go right ahead, its your blog, its your time, its your effort and if it makes you feel good about yourself, then that’s the way it is.

      I stood up and defended something I truly believe in, the Trekzone Fan Film Awards and now that I have said what I wanted to say, that is all I have to say.


  2. Accused of “1990’s High School behaviour”……validates point. Can EVERYONE involved just grow up and show some sort of class? EVERYONE. BOTH SIDES. I’m so very sick of everything from politics to sci-fi having to be on one extreme side or the other. That’s why there’s absolutely no progress in anything. Nobody wants to live the the middle and talk anymore.


    1. I am sure that this topic has run its course and even if there is a blog on FFF talking about events, there will not be a response to that as my piece is said and I am sticking to it no matter how tempting it will be to say something.

      Hopefully all eyes will be looking forward and nobody gets tempted into giving a “good natured jibe” or a subtle dig or anything else.


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