Aaron’s Great Fan Films

Australians like to joke about their Film and TV industry, there is a feeling out there that almost everything released is either garbage or boring probably because most of the top shows are Reality TV shows.

After watching so many American movies and shows its understandable, Australian movies and shows are not flamboyant in style, they are full of the Australian way of life and rarely get into the ridiculous like The Fast and The Furious.

Australian productions have always looked different, the lighting always seems brighter but for some reason people get bored even if the story is great and there’s a lot of great stories out there like The Dry starring Eric Bana.

The fan films that Aaron make are different in feel to what is seen on Australian TV.

They have that Australian feel yet have the American visual quality, its hard to explain but it just has that vibe that everything just works.

Outbreak is an enthralling fan film and it has earned just over 40,000 views, there’s a lot of talk with a sprinkling of space combat involved in the fan film but the words built up the suspense and drama instead of your weapon firing dominating Star Trek episodes or fan films that go a similar route.

It would be nice if Aaron made an original Sci-Fi movie or show and it ended up airing on C31 now before anybody thinks it is an insult to air on C31, many of Australia’s greats in recent times got their start on Channel 31 plus C31 is also online too.

The future is going to be very interesting to see what comes from the mind of Aaron Vanderkley.


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