MTM Wrap (1/8/22)

August 1 2022

The Star Trek world was hit hard in the last week as Nichelle Nichols, David Warner, Paul Sorvino and Bernard Cribbins all passed away.

All four were fine actors inspiring countless people through their work on and off screen and that is something that we should aspire to be, people who inspire others in life through actions.

Yorktown: A Time To Heal and Interlude won awards at the L.A Sci-Fi Fan Film Awards and the awards were for Best Fan Film and Best Science Fiction Fan Film respectively.

Axanar is lining up a cast for their L.A. shoot, there is a bit of puzzlement as it was said that there is just the L.A. shoot and Atlanta shoots to go but a comment by Alec Peters says there is another L.A shoot happening probably in January and if that is part of the movie well fans there is no movie coming in 2022.

There will be a very special shoot in LA for the Starfleet HQ scene. That is where we will have all donors who paid to be an extra. You will be notified of that. Shoot will probably January.

Meanwhile from Avalon Universe is “The Needs Of The One”, another efficiently made production from one of the best fan film groups going around at this present time, it has been added to the list of fan films to consider in 2023.

Matt Miller explored Project Runabout with Gary Davis and Randy Wrenn so if you want know all about how things came to be and more, check out the video above.

William Shatner stirred up the waters regarding the current Star Trek offerings that we get on our screens and it has grabbed plenty of attention with one Strange New Worlds star responding back.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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