MTM Wrap (11/8/22)

There’s a new update regarding Axanar, filming was recently delayed due to a death in the family and there are plans for three shoots with the three day L.A. shoot coming up followed up by a day in Atlanta and a return to L.A. to wrap things up.

OWC has given Axanar/Ares Studios a helping hand years after being the name of Ares Studios, they have given Axanar some computer equipment to help Axanar complete its long journey towards the finish line.

Some are still skeptical about the fan film being completed but only time will tell, my position has been and still is that it will be made unless something absolutely disastrous occurs.

2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards winner Joshua Irwin is seeking donations for Crisis On Infinite Excaliburs: A Star Trek Fan Film, $8000 USD is being sought and donating to this project appears to be a good idea if you’re in the mood to donate to fan films based on Joshua’s previous efforts which include the fan film mentioned below.

The Needs of The One has entered into five figure totals on YouTube with the milestone reached in just under two weeks time.

The Test of Time: A Star Trek Fan Film Production has passed its fundraising goal of $6000 USD and this fan film is part of Tales from The Neutral Zone, one of the Tales from The Neutral Zone’s biggest successes is Doomsday.

The Rift was released just under two weeks ago and has over 3,500 views which is always good to see as you want to see fan films doing well.

The Icarus Incident is another fan film to recently be released and it is doing solid business with over 6,300 views recorded so far and that number will continue to climb as word spreads of its existence.

So plenty has happened since our last update and that is always a good thing.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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