MTM wrap (7/10/22)

October 7 2022

Just like that another Friday is here and here is the news for you.

Duty Calls” has had a great opening week with the fan film receiving more than 28,000 views and over two thousand likes.

Potemkin Pictures have been busy with release of Starship Deimos’ new fan film “Refugee” this week but there’s more as production on Starship Deimos’ next fan film “Siren’s Song” wrapped just before Refugee was released and it was announced that Project: Potemkin’s “Castaway” is scheduled for a November 14 release.

“Refugee” has already passed the total of films that “Death Sentence” has so far received, Death Sentence was made with the Starship Caliborn crew as the stars.

Farragut Forward now has 150 backers for its fundraiser on Indiegogo.

There is no new news to report on Alec Peters and Paul Jenkins legal fight, this fight has gone on for much longer than anybody thought was possible and it hasn’t even reached the trial phase.

Karl and Katie have released two parts of their Star Trek fan film, efforts like this is what fan films were meant to be about not a race to be hugely expensive efforts stacked with professionals blurring the line between homage and independent movies that cut into intellectual property.

Fans loved last weeks episode of Lower Decks that featured Colonel Kira and Quark and of course Deep Space Nine, the popularity of Lower Decks continues to grow despite earlier concerns of it being animation instead of a live action show.

Did you know that Prodigy has a video game coming out next week? It’s called Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova and Australians have to shell out $79.95 for it, it’s on the major consoles PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch according to EB Games.

Did you know that Trekzone’s Matt Miller got to interview Strange New Worlds star Jess Bush? Jess plays Nurse Chapel in the popular series and was back in Australia which enabled Matt to do an in person interview compared to an interview over the internet.

That’s the news for this week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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