MTM Wrap (5/11/22)

November 5 2022

Saturday is here and so is the news.

The trailer for “Time Heist” is now online, Captain Hunter, USS Defiant (Captain Sisko’s one), USS Enterprise (Captain Kirk’s one) and V’ger are all in the one place, this fan film is going to get a lot of attention.

Want to see the digitally made interiors that Trek Shorts have or will be showing fans? Now you can in this latest video that also features the stars of past Trek Shorts.

Recently released was “The Covid Conundrum” complete with a blooper reel, this fan film was filmed at Neutral Zone Studios.

Ares Studios released an Axanar – The Gathering Storm video, this video has nothing new in it as features 2019 or earlier material that has been served up before.

“Battle of Velsak 2” has passed 10,000 views, I honestly thought that this fan film would get so many more views as fans keep saying that they want this kind of fan film and it delivers in spades.

“A Giant Problem” has passed 1,000 views, it is good to see that happen and it is good that they have received plenty of feedback.

That is the news for this week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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