MTM Wrap (12/11/22)

It has been a largely quiet week in the fan film world, at least in the friendly parts.

There was a possibility that things could get fiery in the Axanar world over the last week as plenty of buttons weee been pushed over a court case (not the Paul Jenkins one though that’s still going) but that didn’t happen which is good, things should settle down completely in a few days.

Aaron Vanderkley continues to work on “Resistance” and had shown a new image from the future fan film plus he got to co-host a show interviewing John Billingsley.

Karl and Katie have released part three of their fan film and it is good to see them keep going.

There’s been nothing new from Farragut Forward since late September but there’s no doubt that things are progressing nicely over there.

Trekzone’s Fan Film Update series continues to do well, Trekzone gets some information from this publication which has been given the thumbs up to do so and it’s good to see a new episode every week.

Meanwhile Prodigy continues to air its first season on Paramount+ and I find it to be a satisfying under a half hour ‘s entertainment especially to end a night on the right note.

That’s all the news for this week, sorry it isn’t as action packed as in previous weeks but it does happen and who knows what next week will bring.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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