MTM Wrap (10/12/22)

The past week hasn’t been as action packed as recent weeks in terms of new releases but The Federation Files does have something new for all of us to enjoy.

“Escape From Magna Roma” this week, it has been a while between releases for The Federation Files team as “Mudd’s Mission” was released three months ago and so it is good to see a new fan film from them as they do really fine and unique work.

Axanar has a new video update that is along the lines of the blog entry, some of the footage shown was from the 2021 shoot which is a change from the often shown Paul Jenkins shoot from October 2019 though when Alec talks about bridge scenes he has to use the 2019 footage in the video.

“The One With Whales” from Starship Intrepid is approaching 5,000 views.

“The Castaway” is on the cusp of reaching 5,000 views and it should get there later today (Saturday December 10), it has been another success for the Potemkin team which is always good to see.

“Chaos at the Neutral Zone” has passed 25,000 views, a great total and hopefully it gets double that amount in the near future as it is great storytelling.

“Valhalla Calling” is approaching 2,500 views, this is the fan film that features Captain Nogura and it is good to see a production use the Kelvin Timeline for a change.

“Resistance” is perhaps just hours away from reaching 30,000 views, it is a deserved total and hopefully it will get a lot more in the coming weeks, viewers won’t be disappointed by it.

That concludes the news for the week and hopefully you the reader have come to the conclusion that fan films are doing a brisk trade and it is great entertainment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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