MTM Wrap (3/12/22)

It was another big week for Star Trek fan films with several new releases as the year appears to be ending with a flourish of activity.

First up the “The One With Whales” is the latest fan film by the Starship Intrepid group and while this one is not “whale sized” when it comes to length, fans of Intrepid will enjoy it and hopefully some new fans will come along for the ride.

“Valhalla Calling” is another new release and this one is something new as it is set in the Kelvin Timeline era with the USS Eagle featuring which is always good to see and you’ll see David Cheng playing Captain Nogura and as long time fan film watchers know he has played Admiral Nogura in the past.

Potemkin is back with “The Castaway” and it is good to see them back after Deimos, Caliborn
and the rest of the Potemkin Pictures family got a good run over the last couple of months, just over three thousand views have been received in just under three days.

The trailer for “The Voyage Beyond” is out now and it appears that the whale searchers that wrecked havoc on Starfleet in Star Trek IV are back and they are looking in the Romulan direction.

Trekzone conducted online watch parties with Aaron Vanderkley and Nick Cook earlier this week to celebrate the release of “Resistance” and “The One With Whales” and both were well attended which is great to see.

Lastly while Axanar is preparing for 2023, fans have been given yet another serving of the “Vulcan Scene” with a new title, this scene was shot by Robert Meyer Burnett back when he was Axanar director.

It is interesting that while Robert Meyer Burnett and Paul Jenkins get mocked by Axanar at every possible opportunity, Axanar have no problem happily using the stuff that was filmed or photographed by either former director (a pat on the back and two kicks in the bum).

That is the news for this week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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