MTM Wrap (21/1/23)

January 21 2023

It has been a fairly quiet week in the fan film world after all the excitement of the beginning of 2023. has a new look and if you ever want to know how many days there are left until the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards are held, there is now a countdown there to satisfy your curiosity.

Matt Miller had a good chat with Randy Landers and Potemkin Pictures has a busy year planned which in turn will keep us busy writing all about what they’re doing.

TheDailyWoo toured Neutral Zone Studios and the video has so racked up over a hundred thousand views which is pretty cool, Vic Mignogna is seen in this video too.

Axanar will be filming next week, it was a good thing that they didn’t use the Paul Jenkins footage that we’ve seen over the last few years as continuity would be so screwed up by the changes to the Ares bridge not to mention the actors are now three years older.

There’s been an increase in Axanar released videos over the last week, most of them are using old material which makes some people think that it is all new material though as mentioned earlier they are filming this week so there will be new stuff soon.

We’ve learned that there is a group out there called Trekkers Against Bullying, that’s a nice thing and one member went on Axanar Confidential too.

We know all about bullies, we’ve seen enough of it happen over the years, a difference of opinion turns to things getting personal between people with all the Facebook comments and videos etc. and unfortunately it can lead to events like the incident at Dragoncon.

The AxaMonitor video of that incident got a bit of attention four months ago which was about the time of the anniversary of what happened at the event.

We all seem to be more aggressive these days, we seem easier to upset though I sometimes wonder if a sizeable portion of the “outrage” that people express every day is just people getting their kicks knowing that a pile on will occur after they throw their two cents in.

That’s all the news for this week.

Until next time, be good to each other.

Outside of fan films there’s “The Enterprise Project” which has gotten attention as people want to build a full scale version of the Enterprise, some may say that you could just go to somewhere like Neutral Zone Studios and get the same sort of experience.


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