The Story of the USS Caruso – Fan Fiction

I’m Mason Hughes and I have spent the last few weeks aboard the USS Caruso, a ship that is vital to keeping the Federation supplied in these times.

I’ve been interviewing the crew of the Caruso and I started with the captain of the ship, Captain Gaze.

Captain Gaze, what does the USS Caruso do for Starfleet?

Captain Gaze: Our job on the Caruso is to go from one place to another, like from Earth to Vulcan and off supplies and or personnel, we load up our new supplies and take aboard new personnel and we are on our way again.

Mason Hughes: I then asked Commander Gawn, who serves as the ship’s Executive Officer and Science Officer about the weird things that Starfleet vessels have encountered over the centuries that Starfleet has been in existence.

Has the Caruso encountered any weird things in space, Commander Gawn?

Commander Gawn: We haven’t encountered any beings trying to be gods or faced salt sucking creatures or blood draining creatures unlike what the other Starfleet crews have seen, so we must be too boring for the creatures to bother us.

Mason Hughes: After talking to Commander Gawn, I went down to Main Engineering to talk to Chief Engineer Commander Falco.

Commander Falco, as Chief Engineer of the Caruso, has anything seriously gone wrong with the ship?

Commander Falco: We have the occasional issue with our engines or life support sometimes the lights go out, but we don’t have anything wacky like what the Enterprise experiences.

We did have a complete breakdown of our propulsion systems once which was no fun, but we got a Repair Ship to get us, we were back on our way in a short amount of time.

Mason Hughes: After talking to Commander Falco, I went to see Lt. Silver who is at the helm of the Caruso for the most amount of time.

Lt. Silver, has there been any problems on the bridge?

Lt. Silver: Our bridge consoles have never exploded like other starships in the Federation, which is good, I don’t want to be killed by my own console, I preferably don’t want to die on this ship.

Mason Hughes: After talking with Lt. Silver, I went down to Sickbay to talk to Dr. Miller

Has this ship encountered any serious medical dramas since you’ve been on this starship?

Dr. Miller: We get the occasional broken fingers or broken bones from people dropping things, but nobody gets some weird disease from a planet which threatens the lives of this crew.

Mason Hughes: After talking to Dr. Miller, I asked Ensign Lake about the relationships onboard the starship.

What are crew relationships like on the Caruso, Ensign Lake?

Ensign Lake: Relationships? we have them, but we like to be discreet, we don’t shout things from the hull, we all have respect each other.

Mason Hughes: My next stop was to the Transporter room to talk to Lt. Anderson.

Lt. Anderson, have you had any transporter issues since you’ve become Transporter Chief?

Lt. Anderson: Thankfully not, I can’t imagine losing somebody to a transporter accident like beaming a landing party to nowhere or there’s not enough power to fully form them and they die in agony.

Mason Hughes: I went down to Security to talk to Lt. Commander Parsons who is the Security Chief aboard the Caruso and asked her about

How does Security run on this ship and have you encountered anything dangerous Lt. Commander Parsons?

Lt. Commander Parsons: Our security teams train every day for the unexpected from our ship being boarded to an away mission going awry but so far, we haven’t had anything major to deal with.

Mason Hughes: After speaking with all the senior staff and Ensign Lake, it was time to go back to Captain Gaze and give the captain her final thoughts for this story.

Captain Gaze, it seems to me that this is just an ordinary ship and crew that does its job for Starfleet.

Captain Gaze: That’s us Mr. Hughes, we go everywhere and encounter nothing and we do it well for Starfleet.

Mason Hughes: There you have it; the USS Caruso is just a regular old ship doing regular things and encountering absolutely nothing of interest.

This is Mason Hughes reporting for the Federation Network News.

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