MTM Wrap (28/1/23)

This is the last MTM Wrap for January and it is unbelievable that we’re already here as it doesn’t feel like we’re about to end the first month of the year.

Star Trek Sirius, a fan film that was planned for release in 2012 was released this week, this fan film is noted for featuring Doug Drexler and it also co-stars a nice dog too.

Creator Steve Neill talks about the history of the fan film at the start of the video and it is insightful.

There are fresh fan films coming up with “Galaxy Queen” premiering tomorrow and Trekzone will no doubt by covering that release when their fan film report is done early next week.

Matt Miller talked to Glen L. Wolfe of The Federation Files this week and talked about the 2023 Director’s Choice Awards plus much more including the fact that The Federation Files are making a Jurassic Park Fan Film (ironically I am wearing a JP shirt while writing this).

I have written a new story here on MTM, it is called “The Story of the USS Caruso”, it’s a short story set like an interview, it was inspired by Battle of Velsak 2 and an episode of M*A*S*H and it is about an unremarkable starship doing unremarkable things.

Trekyards has released “USS Titan-A Meets Romulan Fleet”, a short and sweet videos that looks absolutely spectacular and may get you in the mood to see the third season of Picard.

Axanar at this present time (7:20am January 28) has raised $8,750 this week for their $15,500 shoot that is taking place at Ares Studios, not meeting the goal would not affect the shoot in any way.

That’s the news this week, it has been a quiet week in the fan film world but things always pick right back up so keep staying tuned to MTM or Trekzone for your Star Trek fan film news.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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