Axanar restarts filming this week

January 26 2023

Axanar, the long-delayed Star Trek Fan Film resumes filming at Ares Studios in Lawrenceville, Georgia this weekend as it makes its way towards the finish line at long last, Lawrenceville is a suburb of the city of Atlanta.

You know Axanar is gearing up for something when there is a sudden incase in livestreams and there is also a massive increase of opinions on the subject of Axanar and/or the person in charge of it.

The USS Ares bridge has recently been worked on with new bits added and the actors can now look at an 85-inch TV to get them into the acting mood, the bridge shoot seems to be a late addition as only interviews and the L.A. shoots were talked about since Paul Jenkins left the production in 2020.

A late fundraiser was launched this week to raise $15,000 for the shoot which is strange considering they have been planning the shoot for quite some time, Axanar had previously stated that they had $50,000 in the bank which may be set aside for L.A though fans were told that donations weren’t needed for Axanar to be completed.

Paramount Global doesn’t seem to mind what is going on with Axanar leading some to believe that Paramount Global no longer cares about the Fan Film Guidelines or care about holding Axanar to the agreement they came to years ago.

The production will move on to L.A. later in the year and is currently penciled in to be released during the big conventions that take place in the United States though any premiere won’t be at an actual big official convention but instead be in the same city or nearby suburb.

Stay tuned.


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