MTM Wrap (11/2/23)

Saturday is here and so is MTM Wrap, it is always a pleasure to be here with you for MTM Wrap, let’s get into the news.

Over at Trekzone, Matt Miller got to talk to Gary (on the left of the thumbnail) and Randy (on the right) from Dreadnaught Dominion and they talked to Matt on their bridge set, now that is pretty cool.

A gag reel for Beyond the Sun has been released, it is a two-minute video so you can easily watch the Beyond the Sun gang make some errors while they were making their acclaimed masterpiece.

The subject of bullying has been going around the fan film community this last week or two, should a person who goes on YouTube and say nasty things be allowed to be part of an anti-bullying group?

What happened is that Alec Peters joined Trekkers Against Bullying (public page link and their private group link), and it wasn’t met with 100% enthusiasm in the group and things have gotten crazy, somebody (not me, I was asleep at the time) even brought and it takes you to a YouTube video about bullying.

What can you do when you got fighting in an anti-bullying group? Shut out only one group and you’re a hypocrite, shut out both and you got less of a headache unless those people turn out to be a nasty bunch and make things worse for you, so what is your choice?

The Star Trek Fan Film Community is pretty much a small rural town for about 95% of it, fan films are generally made without a fuss, they’re planned, they’re shot, they’re edited and released.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another troubled production that involves suing and people being dumped in the last five or so years, but Axanar is that one bar on the road out of town that brings in a lot of bad attention.

Some readers here may not know the basic Axanar vs. Haters story so here we go.

People who are considered “Haters” of Axanar aren’t against Axanar the idea, they’re against the person at the head of the table, a few have been hurt financially or have been fighting dubious lawsuits or just lawsuits or have been verbally mocked by him on YouTube or have been sent charming private messages when they object to what is said regarding Axanar’s plans, something may not add up so they question it and bang a private message comes through calling them a loser or an a**hole etc.

On the other side of the coin, there are some pretty fired up people (due to the above) who would call AP all sorts of things and get very much into his personal life that very few would ever want to go, I don’t like to repeat any of them and there’s nothing on earth that would convince them not to say anything like it.

I don’t think anybody does what they do for self-amusement, everybody has a reason whether they truly believe in everything AP says, a negative personal experience, defending a friend and other reasons.

So Trekkers Against Bullying got some airtime on Axanar’s YouTube Channel and seemingly let Axanar in and people are horrified about that and now everybody is Kung Fu Fighting in the TAB group, so that’s that.

Moving on, we’re getting closer to the release of Picard and Doomcock is sounding off big time about it calling people who like Discovery and Picard a whole bunch of charming names but hey, a person has the right to like as many Star Trek series and films as they like and that should be respected.

People who don’t like any particular series or movies should have their beliefs respected too, it’s their choice not to like something but it should just be a two-way street of respect, let people enjoy the Star Trek that they like, it doesn’t hurt anybody.

One thing that was learned in the Basher vs. Gusher Wars that took place during the Enterprise days was that there is no such thing of a person having to like every Star Trek thing out there just remember that people do like what you don’t so leave them alone and they’ll likely leave you alone.

It’s a Sci-Fi Franchise, the sun will be rising tomorrow.

The Picard Premiere this week had two attendees who are known to fan film fans, Robert Meyer Burnett and Sean Tourangeau, Robert Meyer Burnett of course edited Prelude to Axanar, directed the Vulcan Scene to get Axanar going before its troubles and Paramount Global doesn’t hate him even if Discovery and Picard’s earlier seasons did not suit his palette and he happily shouted it to the world.

Sean designed the Luna Class version of the USS Titan, worked on the USS Ares design that is seen in Prelude to Axanar and Axanar and makes Twitter fun by showing all the lovely Starship designs and other cool stuff as well.

MTM is now on Facebook, it’s a very small place but that’s not a bad thing because I’m just happy to have it existing and if one person likes what is posted when something is posted then that is good enough for me, you can’t make people like what you do but you can always hope that somebody out there does.

We are now 149 days away from the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, I wish it would hurry up so everybody can have a good time, but we will just have to wait a week at a time and yeah don’t forget that nomination announcement time is a pretty cool time too and that comes a bit of time before the main event.

So that’s the news and views of the last week, what a week it was.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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