MTM Wrap (18/2/23)

The weekend is here and so are we, it is good to have you here once again.

The wait is over, the third and final season of Picard has finally started to be shown around the world, prepare yourselves for weeks of Social Media craziness as people who like it will trumpet it and those who don’t will trumpet that fact too.

Potential viewers should have an open mind about the season, if you’re going to hate it before you see it then chances are you’ll hate it and if you like it before you see it, you may end up being disappointed if it is not to your satisfaction, let the show try and entertain you.

There has also been a fan film release with “This Side of Morality” now being available on YouTube; it is doing well with over 2,500 views and over 300 likes.

The Enterprise makes an appearance and so does the USS Dominion so if you like your fan films set in the TOS era then give “This Side of Morality” a try.

“When Duty Calls” the latest fan film from Neutral Zone Studios has a premiere date, the date for Australians is March 3 at 11am AEST so that will be March 2 for many places in the world, but the good news is that you can view the trailer right now.

A trailer for “359” was released this week, the trailer doesn’t reveal much but the comments section indicates a release time of March this year.

“Moving Forward: The Making Of Farragut Forward” is out now and this fan film is one of the most anticipated fan films in recent times, the Farragut Forward team have put a lot of time and resources into this one.

Act II of Starfleet Legends is set for release on February 26, above is Act I in case you have not seen it yet.

There’s now a Gag Reel from “Outbreak” now available for you to enjoy on YouTube, this one is longer than the one for “Beyond the Sun” that was released a week earlier.

Last edition, I reported about what was going on regarding Trekkers Against Bullying and their infamous new member from Axanar and that issue came to a head in the last few days with lots of people having their say over at TAB, some of it good and some of it not so good.

Alec Peters has made his feelings quite clear on the Axanar website though some of his thoughts are incorrect for example Shawn O’Halloran is not a “convicted stalker” as he was not charged with stalking therefore cannot be not found guilty of stalking (the order part is correct and it has not been in place for several months) and a couple of “haters” were actually not banned from TAB and some others didn’t bother going for membership.

Why would an anti-bullying group want to keep somebody who gone on YouTube and described “haters” as such things as a “cesspool of unaccomplished, unsuccessful people” and “the haters are the dregs of society, they are to borrow a term “the deplorables”‘? (Hear the spoken words for yourself in the link above).

“Dregs of society” means “the most worthless part or parts of something.” let’s think about that for a moment, if you have to categorize human beings into an order from highest to lowest then Alec put a bunch a bunch of people who oppose him in the same area or lower as murderers, dictators like Stalin, rapists, molesters and torturers.

“Haters” aren’t perfect in what some say either, the use of “Gentlemen Master” for example and then you got all the prolapse stuff and other charming terms like “Herr Garthendoof” and “Weak-willed, useless fleshbag”, a lot of names have been traded back and forth over the years.

I think all participants would now agree that turning the TAB page into a battleground was not a good idea, maybe people should have just messaged the page or group instead of fighting battles in comment sections but there’s always the urge to want to stand your ground where the action is, to fly the flag so it isn’t a one-way street and chaos occurs when the defending happens.

We are all bullies sometime in our life whether we know it or not, we’re always having a go at somebody for some reason and we get carried away so maybe nobody belongs in TAB.

Sorry for this section being so long, it is impossible to keep it short as there is so much to cover and think about, now we move along to the next piece of news and views.

We’re under 150 days away from the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, “This Side of Morality” has been added to the list of possible nominees, it is a list that is growing steadily as we whittle down the days to closing date which is May 16th this year.

Next Week is a big week for Trek Geeks, they celebrate 300 episodes which is a fantastic accomplishment and so MTM congratulates Trek Geeks on reaching the milestone.

That’s the news and views for this week, what a week it was.

Until next time, be good to each other.

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