MTM Wrap (25/2/23)

February 25, 2023

Aaron Vanderkley has delivered another gag reel and this time it is “Resistance” that gives out the laughs and it runs for just over five minutes; gag reels are fun to watch and hopefully we’ll have enough for you to run a category in the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.

This weekend will have the release of the second act of Starfleet Legends so fans in a large chunk of the Northern Hemisphere will get some Saturday night entertainment and the rest will get Sunday morning entertainment.

Don’t forget that Trekzone also does Fan Film news so you can listen or watch the news when the latest comes to hand, the great thing about MTM and Trekzone’s news is that sometimes when the Trekzone news comes around a few days later, you get to learn more about developments reported here earlier, so it is important to follow both.

Last time we reported about the existence of the fan film 359, Matt Miller has recorded an interview with David Ellis, the creator of 359 and you’ll get to find out all about David and what 359 is all about when it is released on Monday.

“This Side of Morality” has picked up 3,300 views since its release almost two weeks ago, it is perplexing that the videos on the Power543 Fan Films channel do not get more views as the content is of high quality and should suit fan film viewer needs.

“Horizon” is still the most viewed Star Trek fan film of all time with fifteen million views being recorded since its release, the first episode of Renegades is next with 12 million views followed by Prelude to Axanar with 5.4 million views to round out the top three.

The highest fan film release post Axanar lawsuit is First Frontier in fifth place with 3.8 million views which is ahead of Star Trek Continues film “Pilgrim of Eternity” with 3.08 million views.

Next week we’ll have news on “When Duty Calls” as it is scheduled to come out this coming Friday, we’re looking forward to seeing what that is all about.

As mentioned on Facebook, MTM and Trekzone have started the long process of compiling fan films into sections for the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.

What that means is that we open a whole bunch of documents and puts in who fit into where for example the Best Actor and Best Director categories and then when it is time to cut them down to four nominations, we don’t have to look at a giant slab of text to find what is needed reducing time and stress.

That does not mean that fan film eligibility has closed as that closes in May which is still a while away from being here so there’s plenty of time for additional entries to be added to the lists.

Axanar’s YouTube channel has taken some losses according to Socialblade with 1,388,604 views being lost on February 17 and an additional 97,995 views were lost on the 19th of this month so either they are doing some winter cleaning, had a lot of attention from bots or they had to hand purchased views back.

We’re two episodes into Picard, I haven’t watched the second one yet as it was Chicago Fire and Med Night last night, but it seems most people are happy with the show though I did see a certain YouTuber post that Picard is a Trojan Horse for Alex Kurtzman.

Remember that it is difficult to avoid spoilers because everybody wants to talk about what they just saw examples of chatter being Axanar Confidential which is scheduled to talk about Picard today.

That is the news for this week, a big week as usual with an exciting couple of days to come.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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