MTM Wrap (4/3/23)

Welcome to our first Autumn edition for 2023, Spring for those on the other side of the planet and MTM Wrap has plenty of news and views for you.

Act II of Starfleet Legends was released on YouTube earlier this week with Act III coming in the future as it has been stated as being “already finished”.

Act II features well established characters such as Captain Robert April, Captain Christopher Pike and Captain Garth (there are three Garth’s either running around YouTube or about to do so these days) plus a host of characters to grab your attention.

Fan Films like Starfleet Legends show that Star Trek is something that is enjoyed right around the world, and it helps broaden our knowledge of international Star Trek fan films.

What is better than one fan film being released in a week? The release of a second one as “When Duty Calls” was released on the Neutral Zone channel just a few days ago.

An interesting thing about Starfleet Legends and When Duty Calls is that you get to see two different portrayals of Captain Robert April though the Captain April in When Duty Calls is only on screen for a short time.

“When Duty Calls” has a little bit of Discovery, a bit of TOS and a bit of TNG characters and/or plots etc. thrown into the mix, check it out.

So what’s better than two fan films in a week? Three of them as Chris Lea released “Leviathan” and it is a beautiful looking fan film with great visual effects.

There’s an audio series coming up and it is called Star Trek: Venture, it is always good to see audio series for those who like that form of entertainment and this teaser should get people’s attention.

Trekzone released its interview with David Ellis, the creative mind behind the upcoming fan film “359”, look at all those nice Pinball Machines behind David, wonder if he sure plays a mean pinball?

Want to see some fan film magic? Aaron Vanderkley is happy to oblige with a side-by-side comparison of a scene from “Resistance” showing what happens before and after the film magic is put in.

Ares Studios is looking for donations with the headline reading “Keep Fan Films Alive!” which is puzzling as Star Trek fan films are in great shape, they must have meant “keep Ares Studios alive” which was written in the second paragraph.

There are just 127 days to go until the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards are held, the excitement is building as we start putting the fan films into the right categories to smoothly launch the nominations phase and then the winner selecting phase.

Picard continues on its merry way with the third episode now available for watching; it is appointment streaming for many fans just like the good old days of TV when you just had to see a show as soon as possible, whether it was aired first up or taped for later viewing.

Discovery is ending after its fourth season airs in 2024, we all knew this day would eventually come and people will have their theories on why it is coming to an end but in the end, it is just a TV show and shows begin and shows end and we live on and if it entertained us then good and if it didn’t well there’s plenty of other things to stream and watch on a device to entertain us.

What a week it has been, these are great times but then again any time is a great time to be a Star Trek fan.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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