MTM Wrap (11/3/23)

Welcome to a new edition of MTM Wrap, there is plenty to go through in this edition with new releases and more to cover.

A new Starship Deimos adventure was released today on YouTube, and it is titled “Siren’s Song”, A signal is coming from the planet Epsilon Lyrae IV but there’s nobody there to greet the Deimos crew, what is the signal? Watch it to find out.

Another fan film released this week is “Captain Roth’s Final Message”, it is an almost twelve-minute-long fan film starring Jeff Barnes as Captain Roth with Steve “Harry” Harris as Commander J.T. Stahl and Matt Arnold as George Dillion.

Farragut Forward released its 49th update on Indiegogo, the update announced newcomers to the production from a new member of the Visual FX make-up team, a new member of the behind-the-scenes photographers and videographers’ team to a new Production Manager.

But that’s not all as there was also a character announcement, an update on the wardrobe and an Intro Promo for Farragut Forward’s antagonist Prescott (see above).

We now take a look at how the recent releases of four fan films are going at this present time.

This Side of Morality – 4.1k views
When Duty Calls – 2.8k views
Leviathan – 1.9k views
Starfleet Legends Act II – 1.4k views

These four fan films all offer something unique so make sure you check them out because it is good to enjoy a bit of fan made Enterprise action, Discovery-TOS action and TOS action any day of the week.

The Axanar saga got screen time in the video “Star Trek Moments That DISAPPOINTED Fans..” by Crime Recaps, Prelude to Axanar was called a Star Wars fan film, it is a video that has a lot wrong with it for example Intrepid’s work is lumped into it and so is Interlude.

Fan films were incorrectly said to be just 15 minutes long, it can actually be two 15-minute parts which some fan films just skip over and use the whole 30 minutes in one go and Paramount Global hasn’t raised objections about that, it has actually been some time since a fan film has gotten the wrong attention from Paramount Global.

Many people would say that Fan Films have thrived since the Guidelines were put in place, it levelled the playing field as New Voyages, Continues and Axanar were grabbing all the cash and getting the well-known actors while others battled on at home etc. to tell a story that few got to see and now, we get to see a great range of fan films that people will go look for.

Trekzone’s Matt Miller had a conversation with Tara Lynne, Tara is a multi-skilled person who found themself in a bit of bother because they fell in love with a former friend and suing target of Alec Peters (Dean Newbury) and therefore became an online target themself and you can see their blog entries for further detail on how crazy things can get online.

We have 120 days to go until the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, the fan films mentioned today are added to the consideration list that is growing at a rapid rate, it is going to be a tough time to choose winners and I hope that people will understand just how difficult it will be because there is so much to consider, and it will be agonizing to choose just like it was last year.

We’re now four episodes into Picard and the feeling so far is that it is a great season, those who hate “NuTrek” are ripping into each other for example Robert Meyer Burnett has previously used recent Star Trek seasons as a pinata but has praised this season of Picard earning the ire of some of the people who hung on his every word about every fault current Star Trek has, of course the season still has plenty of episodes to go so things can change.

What another action-packed week it has been and I am glad that you’re here to be part of it all.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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