MTM Wrap (25/3/23)

Potemkin Pictures has great timing, they usually release a fan film just hours before MTM Wrap gets put together and published, this time we have a Starship Webster fan film for you, and it is titled “Exiled from Eternity” and it involves the fountain of youth going so horribly wrong.

There is another short fan film out there and it is called “Station under Klingon Attack” and it runs at a short and sweet fifty-one seconds, it is nice that people are telling stories both long and short.

We have a short parody for you, it is called “Space Tracks: Old man fight at the Convention” and it runs for fifty-four seconds and it is entertaining.

We take a look at how all the recently released fan films are going, there is a wide selection of fan films across the many Star Trek eras for you to check out and hopefully enjoy.

When Duty Calls – 6.1k views
Leviathan – 2.9k views
Siren’s Song – 2k views
Starfleet Legends Act II – 1.8k views
Captain Roth’s Final Message – 1.6k views
Red Sea (Preview) – 1.2k views
Coming Home – 1.2k views

We are 106 days away from the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, Matt announced this week that there are two main awards with fan films under 10 minutes long now a chance to bring home one of the big ones along with a fan film that’s over 10 minutes long.

This was inspired by the Oscars and the way a short film was defined as, movies used to be around three reels in the early days of cinema so by going by that, we make one reel equals ten minutes to determine our short film criteria.

The last few days have seen people’s tempers rise in the fan film world, we live in a world where it is so easy to take a whack at somebody’s lifestyle, it is fair to question somebody when it is warranted for example a fan films finances is not what they said it was, you have the right to question it but somebody can’t go out there and tell the world that somebody or some people are “wastes of space and oxygen”.

Things get out of control so quickly; people seem drawn to join the pile on whether it’s at AxaMonitor or The Real Truth About Axanar and it gets to the point where things go from making points to being as nasty as possible, I’ve seen enough “circle jerk” talk to last a lifetime.

People have to take a deep breath and say to themselves “nah I won’t comment on that” or if what they see is really nasty just report the thing whether its FB or YouTube etc.

We’re six episodes into Picard, it seems to be a bad idea to go on Twitter to converse with people late in the working week as people are eagerly dissecting episodes therefore giving the episode away for those who have to wait.

At home, Picard is a must watch every Friday night, my mother is liking the season so much that Picard got bumped up to around 7:30pm instead of 8:30pm as it used to be two episodes of Chicago Fire, PD or Med followed by Picard.

So that’s the news of the week, another action packed week for us all.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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