MTM Wrap (1/4/23)

Welcome to our first MTM Wrap for April 2023, it is good to have you here.

Depending on which side of the world you live on, March either ended perfectly with a fan film or April started perfectly with a fan film.

Power543 Fan Films have given us all a gift and that gift is “Fallen Heroes”, a twenty-four minute and one second fan film set in documentary style about the Enterprise-D’s last mission and you’re going to see faithfully recreated scenes from The Next Generation and Generations backed up by a great interview that details the final mission.

Fans have flocked to the fan film with 2.9k views recorded in under ten hours of it being online.

“Fallen Heroes” is not the only fan film that was released in the last week, “359” was released and this fan film tells the story of the aftermath of the Borg crushing victory against Starfleet at Wolf 359.

The fan film runs just short of sixteen minutes and is a well thought out fan film, did Starfleet stragglers or the Enterprise-D pick up survivors, did the Borg cube hang around to board the ships and make starship crewmembers drones or did they have ships waiting in the wings to do the cube as the cube went on towards Earth? watch and find out.

Now we take a look at how the fan films released in the last month are going, a couple of them will be moving past a month shortly and it is good to see all five fan films are doing well.

Exiled from Eternity – 1.4k views
Captain Roth’s Final Message – 1.8k views
Siren’s Song – 2.3k views
Leviathan – 3.2k views
When Duty Calls – 7k views

We are ninety-nine days away from the 2023 Trekzone Fan Film Awards, there are over forty fan films to consider and so that’s a lot of dissecting to do for example got to write down who are the leads, who are the directors, producers, makeup artists, VFX creators, set builders, music composers and much more.

Matt Miller is going all out this year to make the nominations and awards as memorable as possible for everybody, it is still amazing to me that what began as my simple list of fan film choices for the year morphed into an awards show with all the bells and whistles.

People think the fan film hobby (it is a hobby as you can’t make money from it, at least you’re not supposed to) was stifled by Paramount Global but there are enough fan films released in the last year that you could watch one per week and everyone has a chance to be seen and not be overshadowed by high five figure or low-six figure efforts.

Meanwhile Picard is steaming towards its end and so far, it has been enthralling to watch every week, how will it end? It is great that only one episode gets released at a time, it is something to look forward to every week and it builds the suspense unlike binging on a show and forgetting about it existing after a week.

Starfleet Academy is coming, people are already divided about this announcement, but I urge patience, if you hate something before it comes then you’ll hate it when it comes, and it will be mighty hard to change your mind on it so let’s see how it all plays out before making judgement.

The game Star Trek: Resurgence has been delayed; the game that will be released on many platforms was supposed to be released in Spring 2022 before being pushed back to April 2023 and has now been slightly delayed further to May 2023.

That’s the news for another sensational week of Star Trek related news.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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